How to Make the Kindle Fire Kid-Friendly

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Amazon Fire, formerly known as Kindle Fire, is a line of tablets developed by Amazon. The Kindle Fire developed with Quanta Computer was first released in November 2011; It has a 7-inch color multi-touch screen with IPS technology and runs a custom version of Google’s Android operating system called Fire OS. The Kindle Fire HD followed in September 2012 and the Kindle Fire HDX in September 2013.

Whether you bought a Fire tablet just for your child or want to give your child their own Fire once in a while, a child profile is essential to keep kids away from your media, apps, and settings. It’s also great for sharing selected media with a child or for sharing a Kindle Fire with multiple children of different ages. Creating a child’s profile is easy and only takes a minute or two. Once the profile is set up, if you want, you can dig into the settings and get very specific.

First steps: protect your account

Before you even think about creating a profile for your child, take a few minutes to activate some basic protections on your account.

Open the Settings screen and under Personal, find Security & Privacy. Make sure you have a lock screen password. You can choose a password or a PIN code; select the one you think is safest and easiest to remember.

Setting this option will ensure that your child cannot access your screen just by leaving theirs. On your screen, a child could inadvertently (or maliciously!) delete and install apps, remove movies from your watchlist, and even add or remove items from your Amazon wishlist. Better to take reasonable precautions and put these functions out of reach.

You saved yourself a lot of trouble!

Create a Child Profile on the Amazon Fire Tablet

Your next task is to create a profile for your child.

Pull down the menu at the top of the screen and tap your user icon. Here, find the Plus button to add a new user, pressing OK to confirm the step.

Here, tap Add child profile (adult profiles are also available, in case your partner needs them). Then add the details, such as name, gender, and date of birth.

You can choose from two available themes. Blue Sky is for ages 9 and under, while the Midnight Black theme is for ages 9-12. When you’ve made your choices, tap Add profile.

Now your son has his own profile.

Add content to the child’s profile

Once the profile is created, the next screen will ask you to add the appropriate content. This should be the type of material (books, audiobooks, videos, apps, etc.) that your toddler is comfortable consuming.

Touch to select the content you are happy with, then touch Done. If at any time you want to change the content you can access, open Settings > Family Profile & Library, then Add Content or Remove Content.

You should also take a look at the old filters screen. This is a feature that you can enable or disable as needed. when enabled, allows you to set an age range for the material your child can see. If you want to make sure your preschooler isn’t watching Horrible Stories (or other great shows on Amazon Video), this is an important feature.

All you have to do is drag the lower and upper age range bars accordingly. The tablet will tell you how many apps, videos and books can be viewed with the selected range. When you are satisfied, press Return to exit.

Finally, make sure to disable the Enable in-app purchases option. This will prevent you from accumulating charges in games.

Set Screen Time for Fire Tablet

You probably don’t want your kids to spend all day glued to their tablets, especially when it’s possible to do an outdoor activity. Therefore, setting time limits is a good idea.

To do this, open Set Daily Goals and Time Limits and tap the switch to turn it on.

You will see a screen divided into two tabs: weekdays and weekends. Each of them lets you set a bedtime, when the tablet will turn off, and a wake-up time, when it will be available again.

Here you can also set educational goals, with time limits for apps, books, audibles (audiobooks), and videos. There’s also a learn-first option, which allows you to block entertainment until “educational goals” are met.

Further down you can set a total screen time (so your little one can have, say, four hours of tablet time in a 16 hour period). You will also find Time by activity type, where you can set time limits for individual activities.

Manage web content on your child’s tablet

Your child’s tablet must be online to access Amazon content. But what if you want to limit your child’s access to the web?

Open the child’s profile again and find Web Settings. Here you will find the toggle to enable the web browser. When enabled, you will be able to limit web content, where you can add websites and web videos, using the More button.

Meanwhile, the Settings tab lets you enable pre-approved web content. This is content curated by Amazon, so you can expect the material to be suitable for your child. You can also choose whether you want to enable cookies.

Please note that if Enable Web Browser is disabled, your child will not have access to the browser. For younger kids, this seems like a good option.

Final Words: How to Make the Kindle Fire Kid-Friendly

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