“I want it to be really user-friendly”: Green Lake updates the city’s website | News

The Town of Green Lake plans to revamp its website.

Finishline Studios owner Nathan Hess of Berlin will work with Green Lake Mayor Ray Radis, Ald. Chris Foos and Lisa Meier, executive director of the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, will redesign the town’s website.

Hess designed the website of the city of Berlin, the website of the Boys & Girls Club of the tri-county region and the websites of other local organizations.

Last week, Thursday, Hess heard from members of the city’s ad hoc economic development committee about their ideas for the city’s website.

“Anything you want to do, I’m probably able to do it,” he told the committee. “What needs to be done – at least before the fall of this year – would be the setting of the site, [which] is quite outdated. It wouldn’t impact the design or content, but I have to spend a few hours on the site to update it. »

Meier is meeting with Hess this week to go over a few items on the chamber’s website and to discuss the city’s website.

“We need to have a strategic plan of what we need to do and present it to him and go from there,” she said, noting that the chamber would be able to provide high-resolution photos that the city could use for its site. website.

The chamber director added that the city should look at what other similar tourism-focused municipalities have done with their municipal websites.

Grants administrator Robin Wallenfang noted that the website needed to be easy to use, so residents could effortlessly participate in community surveys, learn about grant opportunities and search for information.

“I want it to be really user-friendly the first time people use it so they come back to it,” she said.

City councilor Elaine Houser said the city should also work with police and public works departments to find out what information they would like to include on the website.

Foos offered to include information on doing business in Green Lake, such as available commercial properties, benefits of moving a business to Green Lake, etc.

Meier added that the city’s website doesn’t need to include everything because the chamber’s website already provides useful links for tourists interested in parks, boat ramps, boating permits. fishing and other information.

“We’ll have to come together to make sure we don’t overlap,” she said. “I don’t want you to duplicate anything that you can just link to my website.”

Committee members also agree that the new website should avoid including outdated information.

However, it’s unclear who would be responsible for updating the website because the city has limited staff and the clerk’s office already has its hands full, officials said.

“Long term, we need to consider possibly hiring someone under contract to update and keep our website up to date, to continue to create new images and to continue to update new places for sale,” said meer. “I think it’s a long-term plan that you need to look at.”

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