Going green shouldn’t be a choice, it should be a way of life we ​​all choose. It is the need of the hour and on an individual level we must do our part to see a better future for our planet Earth. And what better way to start the new year than with that resolution for a new and green life. But by giving ecological gifts to your loved ones, you also include them in the initiative for a cleaner and greener earth.

Here are our top 10 gift options you might want to consider the next time you give a gift to a friend or family. These gift items are readily available online and sourcing them should never be a problem.

1. Eco-friendly bamboo cutlery that can be reused and also can decompose easily.

2. A metal flask/water bottle which is a one-time investment.

3. A set of metal straws and a cleaner to go with the bottle.

4. Bamboo dinnerware set that is not only good for the environment, but also looks great.

5. A jute bag that comes in different designs and types that can be reused.

6. Reusable makeup removers that can be used multiple times.

7. A set of bamboo tiffin boxes for a working person.

8. A set of fancy towels.

9. Travel size reusable containers which can ensure low amount of waste at all times.

10. Finally, what could be better than a plant as an ecological gift.