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Installing Hipercard Invoice – Any and all credit card offers some exclusive services to their holders and added. This is not anything out of the ordinary, however, in an hour when paying the invoice at its full amount is not possible, splitting the invoice from the Hipercard Card can come in handy.

How to install the invoice from the Hipercard Card?

How to install the invoice from the Hipercard Card?

With Hipercard, we can buy almost anything we want, and when we want. However, months like December, January and February, card bills seem to want to swallow everyone in the family. This is where the Hipercard installment billing service “can help”. If you have had a month with many expenses or extra expenses, it is comforting to know that you can choose to pay your bill in installments.

At present, those who have a Hipercard card choose to pay the invoice in its entirety, a minimum amount stipulated by the administrator or pay a preferential value that you choose the card or leave. Paying any amount other than totality, you go into revolving credit, so you know, interest is at the time of death, especially now that the rules have changed.

It may even seem like a good solution, however, when you apply for Parcelar Hipercard Invoice, you have to take into account that the installment has become an already used loan, and that the installments will be part of your budget for the time you have financed. Failure to pay them causes the agreement to become a snowball related to the interest that will be applied.

The interesting thing is that you pay the full amount of the invoice so as not to charge interest and extra fees, paying up-to-date it is possible to control the purchases, whether of services, whether of products or merchandise. By paying the minimum, plus you lose money every day, still makes the cost of what you bought is not worth it – you pay interest and IOF for free to the bank. Also read: Hipercard: extract and invoice online, Want a Hipercard credit card without Annuity? Consult and print Hipercard invoice.

Installment of the invoice of the Card

Installment of the invoice of the Hipercard Card

OK! Let’s go to what matters, how to make the payment of the invoice of the Hipercard card with monthly installments?
In the invoice of the card that you receive at home or taken online, the information ” installment of the invoice ” or one of the options of the 2nd sheet appears, if you choose this payment option has no complication. The hiring will occur automatically when paying the exact amount informed for installment of the invoice of the Hipercard card , on the due date. Remember the amount paid should be exactly equal to the amount mentioned, no more, no less, otherwise the system will not understand.

Once the option to pay the invoice has been made, the system sends in the next invoices the installment amount according to the choice. The installment of the Hipercard invoice can be in up to 24 months, with a variable rate per month. The legal of this option is that it reduces the interest of the rotary and still to continue using the available limit. With each installment removed, your credit limit is reconstituted.

Another thing, do not even think that everything is flowers by choosing to “install the invoice from the Hipercard”, just like any and every card, you will be paying much more than the original debit, so be sure, detail. As I have already said and I want to reinforce, you also have expenses like IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions), also check the CET (Total Effective Cost) before making the installment payment.

Where to pay the invoice of the Hipercard card easy?

The payment of the invoice of the Hipercard card can be made in the “Hypermarket Networks Wal-Mart, Sam’s CLub, Hypermarket BIG, Maxxi Wholesale, National, Mercadorama, Todo Dia, Bompreço, Hyper Bompreço” and also in the thousands of lottery houses of the country for invoices with values ​​lower than R $ 1,000.00. Payment of the invoice only in Cash, and it is not possible to make payment by check, credit or debit card.

The Hipercard bill can still be paid at any bank branch, at an ATM with an optical reader, at the telephone answering centers through the bar code or at your bank’s internet site. Once the invoice has expired, payment can only be made at Banco Itaú branches. Access the Extract and Invoice Online

Card Tips

Hipercard Card Tips

Be sure to pay your card bill on time, this way you avoid having interest and charging more charges in the full amount of the next month. If you do not have a way, pay at least the minimum amount stipulated until the due date, doing so, even being late with the total amount you will not pay charges like:

1 -) A fine of 2% on the total balance of the invoice;
2 -) Interest indicated in the Invoice in the field “Maximum interest financing per month” plus interest arrears of 1% per month on amounts due, from maturity to payment;
3 -) Taxes due.

Access hypercard online services?

Access hypercard online services?

Hipercard offers several services with online access, to enter the system, you need to inform the Hipercard card number and your password. For those who do not have the Internet Password yet, just contact us by phone at the Call Center and ask for one.

Again and again the invoice of the Hipercard does not arrive at the address within the payment period, if this occurs, and your monthly statement, does not arrive and you want to know the total to pay, access the online services page of www.ipercard and print a copy of your statement (online invoice for payment).

Note : Without doubt, parceling the invoice of the Hipercard Card, even yes, it is better that the minimum payment compared to the compound interest because of the delay, rotary is not worth much, but … install in a situation that does not have another Way – worth it.

Hipercard telephones : 3003 3030 capitals and metropolitan areas; or 0800 720 3030 other locations, only landline calls; From Monday to Saturday, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., except public holidays.

For complaints, cancellations and general information, call SAC Hipercard: 0800 724 4845 – every day 24h. To speak to the center for the hearing or speech impaired, call: 0800 724 4838 – every day 24h. Itaú Corporate Ombudsman: 0800 570 0011 on business days, from 9 am to 6 pm.

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