Love Your Fur Babies With These Eco-Friendly Pet Gifts

Our pets have supported us through the toughest times and they adore us despite our ups and downs. This holiday season, there are more ways than ever to give back to your loyal pets with gifts that are as good for the Earth as they are for your fur babies. Here’s our gift guide for the latest eco-friendly gifts for your pets.

EcoKind Pet Treats is a family-owned company that manufactures all-natural, eco-friendly dog ​​treats and treats. With no added additives, preservatives or chemicals, EcoKind Pet Treats are a great option for rewarding your dog with a sensitive stomach. These treats are made in the USA, Nepal and Brazil and meet strict FDA and USDA guidelines for safety and quality. They even come with a subscription discount and a money back guarantee.

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Naked Essentials Ancient Grains dog food features chicken and turkey as well as “grains that are super easy for dogs to digest but very hard for humans to tell.” Like quinoa, sorghum and millet. This food also contains prebiotics and probiotics, which means your dog’s belly will love it. Naked Essentials’ chickens are sourced from the United States, and the company adds fruits and vegetables instead of chemical fillers. If you have a sensitive pup, this is a quality food.

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Holidays can be accompanied by quite cool weather. Why not treat your pet to a few extra layers of super soft, eco-friendly clothing? Eco-Pup Clothes makes bamboo and cotton hoodies, hemp linen bandanas, and even harness strap covers to keep your pet comfortable. “Your dog loves the dirt,” the company says. “If not for the earth, where else would he bury his bones?”

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A husky on a dog bed.

Looking for another way to spoil your pet? Pet beds can help them get through the winter with a cozy spot for warm naps. Jax and Bones makes durable pet beds with filling made from recycled bottles and foam that won’t harm the ozone layer. The beds are all handcrafted in Los Angeles to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping, the covers are machine washable, and the cushions can be replaced when they wear out without replacing the entire bed. The company’s recycled waste from the pet bed manufacturing process is turned into human accessories such as masks or pet bags.

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Harry Barker has been making eco-friendly pet products, from shampoo to leashes, since 1997. Their sustainable pet toys are the best. The Welcome Home Pet Bundle includes a Puppy Love Blanket, Rope Leash, Skipper Rope Toy, I Love My Llama Plush and Farmhouse Check Waste Bag Holder, all packed in a Rope Toy Basket. The plush llama squeaker toy is covered in plush cotton fabric and filled with eco-friendly recycled plastic. The Skipper rope toy is made entirely of recycled yarn. Even the leash is made from recycled bottles.

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Bio Bag manufactures the most complete range of biodegradable bags. Their organic pet bags may already be a familiar brand to you. They’re made from plant resin starches, vegetable oil, and compostable polymers instead of traditional plastics, so they break down with your pet’s waste and don’t contribute to plastic pollution. Do you run a dog park or a busy household? Organic bags can be ordered in bulk.

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A red and black dog collar.

Wagging Green is dedicated to forest conservation, dedicating 5% of profits from its Eco Dog range to protecting the world’s forests. Wagging Green’s Eco Dog Collars have a lovely modern green and orange tree pattern surrounding the eco-friendly bamboo fabric. You can also buy matching Eco Dog harnesses or leashes in different sizes.

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Only Natural Pet sells From the Field hemp pet toys. This small rope-like toy may also be suitable for toy-loving cats, but is designed to be thrown around by dogs. From the Field hemp toys are 100% natural and biodegradable. They are not designed as chew toys, but should provide your pet with many fun times and tug of war games this holiday season.

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A white and black cat sitting in a blue cat cave.

Cat caves are cozy pet beds with small openings in the top for shy or playful cats to stick their heads out to keep an eye on the world. They are unique, and best of all, made entirely from wool. Cat caves can accommodate pets weighing up to 23 pounds. They are all natural, organic and easy to hand wash and air dry. Cats will love the scent of merino wool and settle into it right away.

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Catnip comes out of a bag.

Potting Shed Creations Garden-in-a-bag Catnip is a setup for growing your own catnip. This small grow-in-a-bag kit comes complete with growing medium, OMRI wood chips for drainage, seeds, and directions. If you order between October and December, the kit comes with a free ribbon to dress it up as a gift. This is the perfect gift for your cat or any cat-loving friend in your life!

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