MCL showcases eco-friendly FMC project at ProPack Odisha-2022

Sambalpur/Bhubaneswar: An exhibition on the environment-friendly Rapid Silo Loading System (RLS) for rapid transportation of coal under the Indian Government’s First Mile Connectivity (FMC) initiative set up by Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL ) is a major industrial attraction at Propack Odisha 2022 organized by Odisha Assembly of Small and Medium Enterprises (OASME) in Bhubaneswar.

In addition to showcasing its performance and productivity achievements in the previous fiscal year 2021-22, the expo showcased the company’s socio-economic and environmentally responsible initiatives in the state of Odisha.

An FMC project model, which allows the company to transport coal through environmentally friendly processes using conveyor belts and its automatic loading into moving wagons for rapid shipment, attracted visitors from the exhibition.

By 2023-34, MCL will have at least nine FMC projects in the coalfields, with a total loading capacity of 131 million tons per year.

The largest coal-producing and for-profit subsidiary of Coal India, MCL offers many opportunities for MSMEs. More than 41.6% of the total purchases of goods by MCL in the 2021-22 financial year, which amounted to Rs 185 crore, came from the MSE sector, while the purchases of services during the same period were over Rs 135 crore. This benefited a total of 1297 MSEs.

The company was declared the best parent plant by OASME for providing business opportunities for small and medium-sized micro-enterprises. (MSME).

Started on August 25, the exhibition will end on August 28, 2022.

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