Meet Edgar. Friendly Fox Party. Part Childhood Development Tool.

Dipongo is a new storytelling app that combines screen time activity with physical craftsmanship to ensure learning and allow children to spend time in front of the screen.

Dipongo recently launched its innovative app on Kickstarter, specially designed to encourage children’s creativity and imagination through the craft of storytelling. The Dipongo app has integrated both screen time activity and physical craftsmanship to create a productive screen time experience.

Dipongo storytelling app revolves around a cute and user-friendly solution, namely Edgar. A passionate adventurer at heart, Edgar aspires to explore the world. Guided by Edgar, children will have a great opportunity to live a memorable adventure filled with incredible surprises. They will travel through great stories where they will also have to help Edgar overcome the challenges along the way.

One of Dipongo’s main USPs is that it’s not just about telling simple stories, but rather creating a beautifully engaging experience for little ones through various creative activities: crafts, coloring, paper cutting, drawing, etc All creative activities can be done right on the app screen.

“One of the most common concerns among almost every parent is that kids today are obsessed with technology. We all know the dangerous effects of excessive screen time, especially for children. Technology could be an amazing educational and entertainment tool, but overconsumption could seriously hamper your child’s development and creativity.This current crisis has prompted us to create an innovative solution that will allow children to enjoy screen time. , but in a way that will stimulate their creative instinct and imagination. Thus, Dipongo was born”said Dipongo’s main team spokesman.

Designed for young school-aged children, Dipongo will help stimulate not only creative instincts but also problem-solving skills in children. The application is full of puzzles, games and various fun challenges.

Key Features and Benefits of Dipongo

  • Award-winning app developed by child education specialists
  • Comes with over 50 interactive stories
  • Huge and versatile range of themes, from Ancient Egypt, Space, Spooky Halloween, Dinosaurs, and more.
  • The stories and activities are designed to strengthen creative skills, problem-solving abilities and imaginative instincts in children.
  • Allows parents to spend quality time with 1-1 interaction in a fun learning environment
  • Supported by a creative community who shared a wealth of fun and creative ideas

“Dipongo’s crafts are carefully designed with various themes so kids can learn about multiple topics without mind-numbing screen time. Dipongo is the “app” that all modern parents have been waiting for so long. From now on we are looking for the final production and development of the app and therefore this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will allow us to bring the Dipongo app to life and make screen time safer and more productive for our little ones.

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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Company Name: DIPONGO
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Country: France

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