New fitness-friendly features for Meta Quest are on the way

Oculus was Facebook’s investment in the gaming industry. Today, with the growing popularity of virtual reality, the company sees the Meta Quest as having the potential to be a juggernaut in the connected fitness space. New “fitness friendly” features will be available soon.

Last week SportTechie During the State of the Industry conference, Rob Shaw, Director of North American Sports Partnerships at Meta, made it clear that the company is ready to meet the demand for fitness-themed apps:

I now have a completely different mindset about where VR games are headed. Where it’s going, in my opinion, is that it’s going to revolutionize fitness…

Meta found popularity with the VR fitness app Supernatural, which it acquired last November. There, users choose from a variety of workouts, all of which take place in a virtual reality landscape. And, last month, it was announced that the NFL was working on releasing a virtual reality game, which will be available on Quest. Users will be able to practice a variety of maneuvers alongside famous players – no doubt a trend that will eventually carry through to the rest of major league sports games.

Shaw also talked about some upcoming improvements for Quest 2:

The next iteration we’re going to have of our current Quest 2 product is to make the headset more sweat resistant, so the controllers have a better grip… People use our platform to train, and that’s not not necessarily something we had planned. We now have creators developing these games to get people active. So I think the game is going to change in a lot of ways.

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