Oaks of Rockford offers a friendly, outgoing place to call home!

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — When you’re with family, it’s a great time to talk about the next steps in life. Maybe it’s downsizing the home you raised your family in, maybe you’re looking to get rid of the hassle of home ownership and live a simpler life! For years we’ve told you about the opportunity for a growing residential community called Oaks of Rockford. Their most recent Phase 3a and 3b are open and they have a limited number of homes ready to move in for you. It’s an active community of over 55 years that really focuses on that word, community. It’s a friendly and outgoing place to call home. They have a social committee that helps plan great activities and there is also a swimming pool, pickleball courts and activity center for residents.

These are brand new homes you can design with an attached 2-car garage and covered porches and access to over 40 acres of outdoor recreation space, and a spectacular 5,500 square foot clubhouse with a kitchen complete and a party room. They are located just north of Rockford and to the right of US 131, so very close to downtown Grand Rapids. They have an on-call maintenance team ready to fix any issues. Their goal is to promote an independent, active and low maintenance living experience. With the real estate market hot, if you’re thinking of moving, you can call to visit the Model Center and new clients get a free gift if they mention eightWest. If you’re looking to build and customize a home, they plan a bit further for that, but the best thing to do is call and get in touch. A good place to start is OaksOfRockford.com, you can take a look at the homes and all the amenities that are part of your life when you start your journey in Oaks of Rockford. In addition, you can read testimonials from residents who have already made this gesture!

Rockford Oaks

11640 Townsquare Boulevard – Rockford
Visits to the model center by appointment only

Sponsored by Rockford Oaks.

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