Opening of a new veterinary practice in North Derbyshire – Destination Chesterfield

By Josh Marais

A North Derbyshire veterinary practice has opened a new state-of-the-art center at Barlborough Links, near Chesterfield.

Carrick Vets (originally based in Clowne) – has opened the doors to the public to view his new home – a state-of-the-art veterinary practice next to the Dobbies Garden Centre.

The new site is easily accessible and offers current and new pet owners an exciting range of services and facilities in a very modern environment, whilst maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a host of additional benefits.

Jessica Podmore, Veterinary Surgeon and Clinical Director of MRCVS, explained: “The new practice has all the space we need with plenty of parking and complements the services already offered by our branches in Holywell Street, Chesterfield and Mansfield. .

“We now have an additional consultation room allowing us to offer greater availability of appointments. Separate waiting rooms for dogs and cats and hospital wards keep the stress on our patients to a minimum. A large operating theatre, separate dental practice, in-house laboratory and X-ray room offer a wide range of state-of-the-art veterinary equipment, including digital X-ray facilities.

“For the well-being and benefit of our colleagues and clients, the internal signage is DDI compliant, the reception is designed to comfortably accommodate wheelchair users and we also have temperature screening in every area of ​​the office. – a welcome addition, especially during the heat waves like we have experienced recently, which is of course perfect for our patients too!”

Dog owners, in particular, will be able to take advantage of all the benefits that Dobbies has to offer through their dog-friendly policy. In addition to plants, outdoor furniture and everything else you need for your garden and home, Dobbies offers a wide range of pet products as well as a dog-friendly restaurant.

Jim Wehrle, Managing Director of Dobbies, said: “The service provided by the new practice really complements the dog-friendly approach and products we have in Chesterfield. With The Muddy Paw dog groomers also on site, this is a truly comprehensive offering for our clients with pets.

“We look forward to working together with the team at Carrick Vets and ensuring the best possible offer for Chesterfield customers.”

Dobbies and Carrick Vets share similar values, both striving to make their businesses as environmentally sustainable as possible; supporting charities and the local community and providing the best service and customer experience.

As the UK’s leading garden center retailer, Dobbies is committed to providing environmentally friendly sustainable practices, products and solutions.

Carrick Vets is also committed to becoming more sustainable and has 100% of its electricity supply from EDF Energy backed by renewables and smart low energy lighting for maximum energy savings throughout the practice. They also run initiatives to reduce waste, reuse where possible, and recycle anything they cannot reuse.

Consultations in Carrick are by appointment only. Please call to make an appointment before coming to the practice. New customer registrations are welcome.

For hours of operation and more information about Carrick Vets, visit our website

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