Raksha Bandhan 2017: Top 5 Cheap Gifts You Can Buy For Your Sister As Rakhi Gifts



Raksha Bandhan is August 7th this year. The sacred holiday which celebrates the bond between brother and sister is fast approaching and is celebrated all over India by brothers and sisters. The sister lovingly ties a thread called rakhi around her brother’s wrist and in return he promises to take care of her for the rest of his life. But the most exciting part of this festival is the gifts the sister receives from her brother. While you still have a few days left to get your sister something cool, if you’re strapped for cash and want something affordable, we’ve got a few gift ideas for you. You don’t always have to go too far to buy something cool, a good idea can help you convey your affection to him without spending too much money. Take inspiration from our low budget Raksha Bandhan gift list for your sister. (SEE ALSO 5 things to buy for your brother this Raksha Bandhan)Also Read – BJP Women Members Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with BSF in Jammu


If you think clothes are always expensive, you are wrong. With so many shopping websites, shopping online has become not only reliable but also economical. And you can be sure to find something for everyone. Buy your sister a nice top or a skirt or even a dress depending on what she likes. You will also find sarees and sartorial material that you can purchase in case you are unsure of its size. However, even if you make a mistake, you can also trade it later so you won’t be afraid of making a mistake. If you don’t know where to buy, check out our list of the best shopping sites to help you find something nice and affordable. Filter the results from lowest to highest price and choose something that fits your budget. Also Read – Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sister Shweta Singh Shares Unseen Childhood Photo As He Misses Bhai On Raksha Bandhan

A dish from his favorite restaurant

You don’t want to risk buying her clothes because you don’t know much about her choice, you can still impress her by giving her this quirky gift. If your sister is a foodie, the best thing for her this Raksha Bandhan is to give her a box of her favorite food from her favorite restaurant. Find out ahead of time what she likes to binge on and where from, then place an order and have it delivered to your door or pick it up and surprise her. To make it more personal, slip a note with a sweet message for your sister and we’re sure she’ll love the idea. The best part, you wouldn’t have to shell out too much money because you can surely get something that she likes within your budget. Read also – Horoscope Raksha Bandhan, August 22; Lucky color for Rakhi according to the zodiac sign | Festival horoscope today

Stationery store

Many girls like to collect stationery even if they don’t need them because they find them pretty. If your sister is also in this category, then you can safely get her some stationery this Raksha Bandhan. From handmade paper and vintage agendas to pretty pens, there are plenty of options you can find in every stationery. Decide on your budget, then go to the store to find something for her. And if you’re not sure, you can even buy a gift card from this store and let her buy what she likes later. (SEE ALSO 6 Situations Where You Miss Your Siblings The Most)

A photo album

Now it might not cost a lot but will require some effort as you will have to go through old photographs to create a photo album but trust us it will be worth it. Collect the best photos of the two of you together, then buy a photo album and put them together to give to your sister. You can also get a printed photo album by having the photos scanned and printed. This way you can also add effects and refine photos for a little extra cost.

Movie tickets

If your sister is a movie buff, this gift is ideal for her this Raksha Bandhan especially if you are looking for something affordable. A day or two before the festival, book a show of any upcoming movie she’ll enjoy watching, then give her the tickets as a gift. You can accompany her to the movie or if you’re not too enthusiastic, you can let her take someone else. Reserve two tickets so she doesn’t have to go alone to the movie. Offer him popcorn and snacks at the theater or buy it with your ticket if you can. You can book in advance either by going to the theater and purchasing a ticket, or by booking through an app.

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