Replacing lime with newer, greener electric scooters in Norfolk

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Lime electric scooters in Norfolk will get even greener.

On Tuesday, Lime launched a full fleet swap in Norfolk to bring its next generation of electric scooters. The Gen4 electric scooter will provide riders with the smoothest and most environmentally friendly shared scooter ride available.

The goal of the Gen4 scooter is to provide the smoothest and most durable Lime scooter ride in our history. Highlights of the new vehicle model include:

  • Backswept handlebars, a first for shared electric scooters and reminiscent of bicycle grips, allowing for a more comfortable grip.
  • Double handbrake system to make slowing down and stopping easier and more immediate when needed.
  • Lowered plinth to optimize the scooter’s center of gravity and facilitate getting on and off.
  • New two-leg kickstand to prevent scooters from tipping over when parked, which can help reduce clutter on sidewalks.
  • Improved suspension and larger wheels mean a smoother ride over cracks, twisted pavement and whatever else the cityscape can throw at you.

Lime first launched in Norfolk in June 2019 and has had over 260,000 runners and registered over 1.6 million across the city.

Lime Electric Scooter

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