[Review] Jerry, cheap coworking space at SS15 for entrepreneurs

After two years of working from home, there are days when I just need to get out of the house to work at another desk.

While I could technically buy a cup of coffee and spend seven hours in a cafe, it’s kind of a shame to do so.

Coworking spaces are a happier middle ground. My qualms with them, however, are that they’re generally not very privacy-minded, as they favor the collaborative social aspect via hot-desking. Private offices are also available, but tend to be more expensive.

To jerry however, there is no shared desktop. Instead, it offers modular private offices for one, two or four people, and is the more affordable, no-frills younger sibling to its luxurious older sibling, Colonywhich is known for its 5 star hospitality.

Our office has been under renovation for some time now, so we’ve personally used Jerry in Subang Jaya once a week for editorial team meetings since February 2022. Here’s what the experience has been like so far.

Your private space to concentrate

Booking a space at Jerry’s gives you access to a private room to feel like the CEO of your own office. Inside, each guest has a large desk with two power outlets, metal drawers for storage, and a firm but comfortable desk chair.

Strong, fast and reliable Wi-Fi is available throughout the coworking space. Although Jerry’s e-concierge on WhatsApp told us that there was a different WiFi password each time we reserved the space, we found that our devices would always connect automatically without us doing anything. it would be.

You’ll be encapsulated by four white walls (or three walls and a floor-to-ceiling window if you’re lucky), eliminating distractions and giving you maximum focus. You will technically be allowed to choose a room you want after taking a virtual tour on Jerry’s website, although it is subject to availability at the time of purchase.

There’s not a lot of soft furnishings inside the rooms themselves, so conversations with co-workers or phone calls can echo. Additionally, the walls themselves are relatively hollow and thin, meaning your voice can be heard by Jerry’s other occupants.

Therefore, it’s common to find other occupants of Jerry taking phone calls in the common area where your voice doesn’t travel as far, thanks to its couches and indoor plants.

The common area where you might find ongoing calls

Most coworking spaces tend to offer unlimited coffee and snacks that you can take on your own. It’s not equipment you’ll find at Jerry’s, but you can bring your own.

In the common area you will find a shared refrigerator, microwave, water dispenser for cold, room and hot temperatures, utensils and cutlery, as well as a sink and dishwashing products.

All shared amenities can be used, but of course these are just good ways to clean up after yourself.

Enter and leave

What I love about Jerry’s concept is that using a private room there ensures that I won’t have to talk to a single soul.

Reservation can be made on Jerry’s website

It starts from the moment the reservation and payment are made through the website. For this, you can choose your Workspace Plan between:

  • Trial pass: from RM30/day, this trial gets you a day pass;
  • Unlimited plan: from RM610/month, you can have the space for one month;
  • Prepaid Plan: From RM150 you get a six-day pass.

Note however that while the prices above are accurate at the time of writing, Jerry’s price is dynamic, so it will rise as his occupancy rises and fall as he falls. Its co-founder and chief executive, Timothy Tiah, compared it to airline prices.

When checking in and out, Jerry is functionally designed so that most systems, mainly the door locks, are unmanned.

Upon receipt of a booking confirmation, you will receive a one-time digital password via WhatsApp or email to unlock Jerry’s smart lock doors and your own room. The door will automatically relock behind you when closed.

Because our team came every day, we received new access codes each time. For those who have purchased a longer term plan, a unique PIN code will be provided which you can use for the duration of your subscription.

There were times when we ran into issues with PIN codes. Twice they didn’t work, but a message to Jerry’s e-concierge helped solve the problem.

It should be noted that Jerry is operational from 9 am to 6 pm, where the central air conditioning only operates during these hours. Doors will also be locked during off-peak hours and unique PIN codes will be reset for those without a subscription.

For those with the Trial Pass and planning to stay past 6:00 PM, it’s best to use the restrooms or run to get your food before 5:30 PM or you may find yourself locked out. (You can request a new temporary PIN in the worst-case scenario, but that might be a concern you’d want to avoid in the first place.)

Members of the unlimited plan have 24/7 access to their workspace.

Air conditioning will not work on weekends and lighting will not be available in the common area. However, the lighting in your own private office remains under your control.

Pro Tip: The air conditioning at Jerry’s can get quite chilly (at least for us), so bring a jacket.

What’s around

Having experienced both his Subang Jaya (SS15) and TTDI outlets, I can assume that Jerry is strategically placed, with plenty of food options. However, in terms of parking, there are advantages and disadvantages for each location.

The Subang Jaya outlet offers multi-level parking in the SS15 Courtyard shopping center where parking spaces are plentiful.

However, if you plan to work at Jerry’s all day, be prepared to pay parking fees of up to RM13 per day. Otherwise, it’s RM2 for the first two hours and RM1 for each subsequent hour or part thereof.

When it comes to the TTDI parking situation, your best option is street parking, and you’ll have to pay for it through a parking app. However, as there are many other offices in the area, street parking spaces may be filled before 9am. So grabbing the TTDI jack would be a more viable alternative.

Food options for both outlets will leave you spoiled for choice. There are enough cafes, cafes, and other high-end dining options no matter which outlet you choose.

One disadvantage I noted about the SS15 socket compared to the TTDI socket is its accessibility situation.

The SS15 outlet is located in the mall office building, which means you share limited elevators with other office workers. So expect long elevator wait times during peak hours, or you may just walk up/down 10 flights of stairs.

At TTDI, Jerry is on the first floor of the store lots, which means it’s only a short climb. Unfortunately, it is less suitable for wheelchairs.

Meet different needs

All things considered, Jerry makes a useful and convenient workspace for small teams, solo entrepreneurs, and hybrid workers looking for some privacy to focus on.

Since the rooms are equipped with individual PIN codes, Jerry also offers the possibility for customers to use the private rooms as self-storage space. This would be most appropriate for those moving house, decluttering, managing company inventory, or keeping personal belongings.

As the SS15 outlet is close to educational institutions, Jerry also offers deals for students, but more on that in another post.

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