Samsung distributes “eco-friendly” NFTs in Decentraland

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by promoting recycling – in a game that contributes to more energy consumption than an entire country.

Big corporations like a little greenwashing, but hollow feelings are rarely so blatant. Mobile phone company Samsung promotes recycling in its Decentraland world – a platform built on the incredibly power-hungry Ethereum blockchain.

Decentraland fans are invited to Samsung 837X to grab an NFT, all in the name of being environmentally conscious. The new quest added to the world apparently highlights “sustainability and the daily changes we can all make to have a meaningful impact. [sic] on the environment.” It remains to be seen whether these daily changes include Decentraland being grounded and grass touched.


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The blog post, which was spotted by website3 just fine, doesn’t contain a shred of irony when it invites players to “Sustainability Forest”, where you can earn a “special NFT badge”. Anyone who returns on Valentine’s Day will receive a collectible that shows their “love for the forest”, which they might want to rethink a bit.

Decentraland is a platform that, as the name suggests, focuses on the wonderfully dodgy world of crypto and NFTs. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which, as we recently reported, is not very good for the environment at all. Ethereum is also used by so-called eco-friendly NFT partner Ubisoft, and is estimated to use more energy each year than the whole of Belgium. But hey, at least Samsung encourages you to separate your plastics.

Samsung is far from the only company contracting its climate-friendly message when it comes to NFTs. GameStop has also promised that its NFT game development fund will be carbon neutral – only to partner with a company that also uses Ethereum. However, given that 70% of game developers aren’t interested in using NFTs in their projects, it’s unlikely to be a runaway success anyway. Only seven percent said they were “very interested”, suggesting that this push to implement them in games is pretty astroturfed.

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