SAP: How tech adapts Coldplay’s green tour to hit the right note

In these difficult times, sustainability remains a key priority around the world and music remains an outlet for community and shared experiences. This year, Coldplay is partnering with SAP for a carbon offset Music of the Spheres World Tour.

When the concert date you’ve been waiting for all year arrives, you’ll probably be thinking about how you’ll get to the show. The answer to this simple question can have a big impact on your night, but it could have an even bigger impact on your carbon footprint, which affects your community and our planet.

Believe it or not, moving audiences to and from a gig is a major contributor to any tour’s carbon emissions. Many fans don’t know this, but with the right motivation, we can empower millions of people.

cold play, one of the most celebrated and driven artists in music today, had a mission for his upcoming world tour: to make it the most sustainable and eco-friendly to date. They sought to reduce consumption, increase support for green technologies and reduce total CO2 emissions. They also saw an opportunity to connect with their fans.

Coldplay knew they could deliver an unparalleled concert experience while giving fans a chance to join them in their commitment. But to bring this vision to life, they needed a little help. Enter SAP.


“With our technology and solutions, we empower organizations around the world to drive lasting change,” said Christian Klein, CEO and Board Member of SAP SE. “Coldplay and SAP share a common and deep commitment to sustainability, and we’re excited to join forces to make their tour as environmentally friendly as possible.”

SAP worked with Coldplay to develop and release the Coldplay Music Of The Spheres World Tour application. It combines interactive and immersive experiences with features to help fans make more eco-friendly decisions when it comes to travel. Once users download the app, they will begin their journey and explore different sections that all have unique ways of becoming part of the Coldplay universe throughout the tour.

Fans can start with sustainability in the travel section of the app. Here they can visualize and better understand how their mode of travel contributes to their carbon footprint. By choosing from seven different modes of transport – car, taxi, train, public transport, bike, on foot or by plane – fans can really see their impact. And to promote more sustainable travel options, the app offers rewards via merchandise discount codes to Coldplay’s online store for viewers who engage in low-carbon travel options.

Here’s what else is in the app:

  • To visit: Check out dates and locations, find tickets, and even share your favorite shows on your personal social media accounts.
  • Planet: Immerse yourself in interactive sustainability-themed games while learning more about Coldplay’s efforts and the band’s touring partners.
  • Universe: Create your own Coldplay-themed content using augmented reality. Create videos, take photos, and even dance with aliens, then share your creations on social media. While you’re here, access exclusive videos, photos, live concert audio streams and get band updates.

To bring this world-class experience to life, SAP leveraged two industry-leading solutions: SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP Cloud for Sustainable Enterprises. Coldplay also uses SAP Analytics Cloud to gain insight into the carbon footprint caused by fans traveling based on data captured in the app, which will help the band track how the tour is offsetting calculated carbon emissions. .

“Over the past few years we have sought to put sustainability at the heart of our tour and the app plays a big part in delivering that vision and commitment. We are really proud of the collaboration with our partner SAP, who have created an app impactful and engaging that helps our fans choose more sustainable ways to get to our shows,” Coldplay said.

The challenges Coldplay faces in managing carbon emissions from audience travel to shows are not unique to the music industry. Companies around the world are struggling to manage carbon emissions that are not part of their business operations or under their direct control – otherwise known as Scope 3 emissions. SAP helps businesses around the world to become smart, sustainable businesses by providing digital solutions and capabilities to holistically manage sustainability performance across all touchpoints of their business.

Sustainability needs harmony. Only together, through commitment and scale, can we begin to improve our environmental impact. With the Music of the Spheres World Tour app, we’re excited to show the world that when we work together, we can drive awareness, action, and most importantly, change.

To experience it for yourself, the Coldplay Music Of The Spheres World Tour the application is available for download now on iOS and android.

Ryan Somers is Senior Director of Global Sponsorships at SAP.

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