Sea of ​​Thieves adds solo raids and ends dedicated PvP

Sea of ​​Thieves is gearing up for another action-packed year, with all the new seasonal adventures planned for the open-world pirate game. Two of the biggest changes coming in the upcoming season are new solo raid dungeons and the removal of Sea of ​​Thieves’ dedicated PvP mode, Arena.

When Season Six begins in March, Sea of ​​Thieves players will be able to explore six all-new Sea Forts. These dungeons have been dug out of the Sea of ​​the Damned and are patrolled by ghosts who guard the treasures hidden there. You’ll need to hunt down each Sea Fort’s set of keys in order to take on the toughest defenders, which will give you access to the treasure.

One thing that sets these sea forts apart from the coastal variety is the fact that their difficulty will scale with the size of your party. You can take them on as a full crew, or if you’re playing solo – either way, Sea Forts should offer just enough knockback to make for a fun encounter.

Here is the latest video from the developer preview event:

Rare developer says that with the renewed push for exciting narrative content, it was decided to close the Sea of ​​Thieves Arena mode “in the coming months”.

“With the scope of Sea of ​​Thieves growing, the enormous task of maintaining quality assurance and bug fixes for Adventure and Arena modes has become something we can no longer justify” , writes Rare in the latest update. “We are proud of what we have achieved with Arena, but ultimately it has not been as successful as we had hoped, and a bespoke competitive mode with few dedicated players is difficult to align with our future vision of Sea of ​​Thieves.”

In a separate postthe developers say that Arena mode was only used consistently by around 2% of Sea of ​​Thieves’ player population, and that “Arena unfortunately never became popular enough to warrant focus our creative efforts there, beyond our initial efforts to refine the experience to appeal to a wider audience. »

Additionally, with the changes that have taken place in Sea of ​​Thieves since Rare halted active development on the arena in 2020, it has “required considerable development work” just to keep running – and at this point, the studio decided it just wasn’t a worthwhile investment of resources.

The good news is that if you’ve already reached at least Sea Dogs Rank 5, you’ll be rewarded with six Arena ship cosmetic sets to celebrate the arena and the players who enjoyed it.

The arena will close at the start of season six on March 10.

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