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February 14 is notoriously known for its over-the-top displays of love. From marriage proposals to confessions, the air is filled with love and anticipation as people air their feelings – some for the first time. For couples new and old, the pandemic has been (and still is) a test, especially for long-distance partners. Losing loved ones or being unemployed can damage relationships. Make this Valentine’s Day even more special by telling your partner how much you appreciate them and showing them how much they mean to you, without emptying your wallet! Something as simple as saying the three special words or buying them a pastry from their favorite bakery across town can make your day more precious. Check out some affordable Valentine’s Day gifts below.

Cook their favorite meal

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Who doesn’t like to eat all their favorite meals in one meal? Cooking a meal for your partner is an intimate ordeal because everyone knows that the secret ingredient in every dish is love. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a dish from scratch. It won’t be easy, but having a candlelit dinner with home-cooked meals is a gift that’s hard to top. Shop for fresh ingredients at a local supermarket or farmer’s market and learn some recipes here if you need inspiration. Cut the cost by more than half with this intimate alternative!

Matching pajamas

This one is a little cheesy, but if you’re up for it, that would mean some pretty pictures to remember from this day for years to come. You can enjoy being warm and cozy while sending a romantic message of unity and togetherness. If pajamas aren’t your thing, then perhaps simply matching your partner’s aesthetic could be another way to show them (and the world) how in love you are. This may not be a common trend in America, but in Korea”couple looksare all the rage. It lets others know you’re in a relationship and screams how excited you are to be together.

Personalized card

Do you want to engrave in stone the memory of your first date? Or the day you first met? Or the day you confessed your love? Then it’s the perfect gift for your partner. A personalized map detailing where you were when it all started – a heart-shaped pin marks the special spot. Etsy features many small business owners who personalize your cards to help you engrave this day forever. Starting at just $14, you can let your partner know when and where they changed your life forever. Discover one of the maps here!

Date Bucket List

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Maybe you haven’t been dating your partner for too long and want to make more memories together and enjoy your time together. Spontaneous outings can do the trick to keep your romance alive. Give Your Partner a Dating Bucket List delivered (Where Game). Prices start around $10! It’s packed with a ton of romantic and fun date ideas – it takes the stress out of having to plan something and instead focuses your energy on getting the job done together and real life in the moment. Whether you end up staying indoors and watching your favorite movies or going for a drive, you’ll be spending quality time with your partner, which is the best gift you can give.

love pills

Want to tell your partner how you feel but never seem to have the right words in front of them? Try these love pills. The smaller jar contains 25 capsules for $9.99. Each capsule comes with a blank sheet of paper inside so you can write down exactly how you feel and let your partner know how important they are to you. Leave one around the house/apartment for them or slip one in their pocket for them to find out of the blue and smile a little brighter that day. It’s a thoughtful gift that reminds your partner time and time again of your love.

Box of Chocolate and Flowers

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Finally, the evergreen box of chocolates and the bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day. Both are an extra dose of sweetness to shower your partner with. Red or pink roses are the typical solution, but if you know your partner’s favorite flower, now would be a good time to let them know you remember that detail. If you are on or near campus for Valentine’s Day, go to Bosmat flowers Where Switch to green floral design on Union Turnpike for affordable yet beautiful bouquets.

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