Smart locks can be eco-friendly homes and offer huge benefits

Durability is a bigger concern than ever for homeowners. A survey by ValuePenguin in April showed that 90% of homeowners had made green improvements to their homes.

Every eco-conscious homeowner wants to find ways to reduce their impact on the planet. However, they still have other factors, like making sure their homes are reasonably secure.

One of the ways you can try to make sure your home is secure is to install smart locks. But are smart locks compatible with your green goals? The answer is yes. Keep reading to find out how.

Smart locks don’t interfere with your sustainability goals

There are many advantages to using smart locks. However, before delving into them, we would like to answer a question that you are probably asking yourself:

“Can I use smart locks for an eco-friendly home?”

The answer is yes. Some people think smart locks might not be good for the planet because they require electricity.

The truth is, smart locks can still be eco-friendly. However, you have to buy the vouchers.

Clay Miller, founder of the Ways 2 Go Green blog, writes about some of the best eco-friendly locks on the market. Miller mentioned that the Abus Ecolution was the first eco-friendly padlock. This lock has no PVC on its vinyl coating.

However, some smart locks also made its list. He also mentioned the benefits of ALGATEC & Eco Series and Securefast & SMARTlock electromagnetic lock. These products use environmentally friendly materials and are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. In short, there are plenty of smart locks out there that will work great for green homes.

What are the benefits of using smart locks for your green home?

Do you have a key under your doormat and that fake stone in your garden? You shouldn’t do this. Both are dead giveaways and no longer serve as good places to put your spare keys. Of course, the whole point of having a lock and key system is to protect your family.

But you want to be able to do it hassle-free and make it easy to get inside whether you’re at home or not. Since we’ve established that smart locks can be eco-friendly, you might want to invest in a lock instead. With the number of homes equipped with smart home systems expected to surpass 400 million worldwide by 2025, you’ll have plenty of company.

It doesn’t matter if you lost your key (again) or neglected to lock the front door, at least not when you have a smart lock. The right smart lock simplifies home security without leaving an unnecessarily large carbon footprint. Indeed, it’s no wonder that the global smart home security market is expected to grow further to reach over $5 billion by 2025. Since smart homes can be designed to be environmentally friendly, you don’t have to feel guilty for having one.

Find out how smart locks can help improve your life.

1. No more worries about keys

When you arrive home with your hands full, your biggest challenge – and biggest frustration – is pulling the keys out of your pocket to open the front door. Don’t worry, you don’t have to mess with a key anymore. Using your smartphone, you can open the door with the push of a button before grabbing that grocery bag, your little one, or those cans of paint for your latest DIY project. Some smart locks feature touch activation or take advantage of home kit hubs for easier access.

2. You will find it easier to open the door

Whether you have arthritis, Parkinson’s disease or a hand injury, opening a front door with a standard lock and key can be quite difficult. Indeed, if it is difficult to hold a key in your hand, a smart lock can help you secure your home while allowing you to enter and leave much more easily. Features like a voice-activated prompt, mobile device, or key card can do all the work for you.

3. It makes organizing events easier

Are you having a party in your backyard? Got friends to swim and grill? There is no need to worry about guarding the door. By having a smart lock on your front door, you can easily use an app to receive alerts when visitors arrive. Instead of getting up every time the doorbell rings, ask guests to enter a code on the keypad or simply open the door via your smartphone. This way you can better have fun and take care of the guests who have already arrived.

4. You can lock your door from anywhere

In a hurry to hit the road for your summer vacation, you probably made sure to close the garage and lock your front door. Or have you forgotten? Rather than turning around to get home, having a smart lock makes it easier to check your locks no matter where you are. Simply open your Smart Lock app on your smartphone to quickly lock your front door.

Smart locks are great additions for green homes

There are many compelling reasons to invest in technology to make your home greener. You can also find smart locks that will enhance your home’s security without leaving a large carbon footprint.

Whether you’re using a mobile device or entering a code with your hand, opening your front door has never been easier with such simple access. Never worry about a child losing a key (or forgetting yours) again. Whether you’re hauling groceries, hanging out with a toddler, or feeling messy after a day in the garden, unlocking doors is simple if you choose the right smart lock.

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