Spokane named one of America’s most neighbor-friendly cities

Spokane has been ranked as one of America’s friendliest cities for neighbors for the second year in a row. It went from number 19 in 2021 to number 25 this year.

SPOKANE COUNTY, Washington – Spokane is listed in the top 25 nearest cities in the United States

According to a Neighbor Blog survey, three factors that put Spokane and 24 other cities on the list included lack of travel due to inflation, engagement with their community in the wake of the pandemic, and acceptance of memberships. policies of their neighbors.

Each year, the survey analyzes a variety of publicly available datasets related to charitable giving, generosity, happiness, resident well-being and other factors that contribute to the overall neighborhood of a town.

Nearly 30% of respondents say they are seeing their local neighbors and friends more often due to rising gas and airfare prices. About 42.5% of people say they are more willing than before to help a neighbour.

Despite a major and seemingly contentious election this year, 45% of those polled said in the survey that they recognize their neighbors have different political affiliations than theirs, but still choose to be neighbours.

The survey also asked participants what factors they believe make communities friendlier and found that volunteering, charitable donations and acts of good neighborliness were the main factors. These aspects were tracked by nonprofits per capita, happiness, and residents’ proximity to local parks.

The survey also asked participants what factors affect the good neighborhood of a city. Participants mostly cited crime, which had a negative weight. The top ranked cities in these categories are moved down the overall list.

Spokane has been ranked as one of America’s friendliest cities for neighbors for the second year in a row. It went from number 19 in 2021 to number 25 this year.

The cities that appear in the top five with the closest neighborhoods are Rochester, New York, Madison Wisconsin, Provo, Utah, Oxnard, California and Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Other cities on the list include Seattle, Toledo, Salk Lake City, Honolulu, and Allentown.

In the survey, 41% of participants said it took them a week to meet their neighbors and 74% said they had done a favor for their neighbors in the past year.

In the survey, 52% of participants said that with less travel due to the pandemic and inflation, they feel more connected to their neighborhood and community. Additionally, 43% of participants said they were more willing to help a neighbor when they asked for it or needed it the most due to the pandemic.

According to the survey, Spokane residents have high rates of volunteerism and 87% of them live within a 10-minute walk of a park.

The survey participants were between 16 and 54 years old. 43% were men and 57% were women.

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