Spotify is testing a new car-friendly UI to replace Car View

Apparently Spotify doesn’t hate your car after all

While your car is probably one of the most common places to crash, Spotify hasn’t been the most driver-friendly service lately. Not only did Car View unexpectedly shut down in November – much to the annoyance of its users – but several in-dash receivers still sold in stores recently lost support for the service. There’s finally good news for drivers, as a new car-friendly user interface is being tested.

The folks over at 9to5Google managed to take a look at Spotify’s new car mode, and by all accounts, it looks like a solid replacement for Car View. Car Mode is another great button-focused UI, but this time it extends way beyond the player screen. With this new release, Spotify reformats the entire app with larger-scale music selections. Three tabs at the bottom give quick access to your currently playing music and library. This way, you can choose a new playlist or album without using the standard app layout.


The player UI has also been updated. It’s not the prettiest thing we’ve ever seen, but it matches the overall look of the old layout, with all the basic controls you need while driving and none of the ones you don’t. won’t have. Spotify has also integrated its proprietary voice commands into this experience, because of course it does.

That’s a good sign for drivers who still need an app to replace Android Auto without all the other clutter these services, including those from Google, often provide. Although it seems like Spotify was trying to push users into reclaiming its expensive and useless Car Thing screen, it seems like something was afoot to take Car View’s place all along.

Car mode is currently being tested with a select group of drivers. If you’re lucky, Spotify may invite you to try it while connected to your car’s Bluetooth – although unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky. If you’re not part of this initial beta test, you’ll have to wait for a wider launch.

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