Spotify Kids gives family plan users a separate, kid-friendly app



Spotify today announced the launch of a new app aimed specifically at children. Dubbed simply Spotify Kids, the app will be available to subscribers with the Spotify family plan. At the moment, availability is quite limited, as Spotify has only launched the app in beta at the moment.

In fact, the only place you can actually download Spotify Kids is in Ireland, but the company plans to launch the app in regions where its family subscription is available in the coming months. We don’t have a more specific release schedule than that at the moment, but assuming the beta goes well, it shouldn’t be long before Spotify Kids is available on a larger scale.

In any case, Alex Norström, Chief Premium Business Officer of Spotify, describes Spotify Kids as a “composite of playlists”, in a blog post today. He notes that the content is ad-free – as you would expect from accounts tied to a Spotify Premium subscription – and that the playlists will be curated by a team of editors.

Spotify Kids is aimed at children ages 3 and up and will include songs licensed from companies such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Discovery Kids, and Universal Pictures, as well as popular music without explicit content. Parents will be able to choose between audio for young children and audio for older children during setup, and it looks like the layout and design of the app will change even depending on the age of the child. child who uses it.

Overall, this seems like a great addition to the Spotify lineup, especially for people who are fed up with managing separate playlists for their kids within the same Spotify account. We’ll be keeping an eye out for when Spotify Kids expands to other regions beyond Ireland, so stay tuned for more.

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