Statement by the Honorable Melvin M. Turnbull – List of non-owned land license sales on the Virgin Islands Government website

Statement by the Honorable Melvin M. Turnbull
Minister of Natural Resources and Labor

Seventh Sitting of the Fourth Session of the Fourth House of Assembly

18e October 2022

List of non-owned land license sales on the Virgin Islands government website

Madam Speaker, I am pleased to share recent progress in ensuring greater awareness of land availability for new land and property owners, as well as those seeking to increase their participation in the economic and social development of our beautiful he is. On September 8, the Department of Natural Resources and Labor launched a new place to publish land available for sale in the Virgin Islands. People looking to buy land and property will now have the information they need at their fingertips following a change in the current policy of advertising land for sale under a non-owned land license. .

Effective Wednesday, September 21, persons selling property under a Non-Owned Land Ownership Permit must provide relevant information to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labor for posting on the government website. Madam Speaker, this initiative does not replace the current practice of advertising land available for sale in our local newspapers or online media for four (4) consecutive weeks. The listing on the government website will run alongside other advertisements already in use. Therefore, Madam Speaker, this approach is intended to provide another form of exposure of potential land sales to a larger segment of the community to what is available in the real estate market.

Madam Speaker, it is important to note that in bringing this program to fruition, several government departments have been instrumental in assisting the ministry in digitizing the display of available non-owned land sales on the website. The information technology and land-use planning departments have leveraged and effectively used the investment in geographic information systems to graphically present listings using maps. Maps are user-friendly, making property searches more engaging and accurate. I urge the public to visit the website,, to view the technology that illustrates land available for sale under non-owned land holding licenses.

Madam President, finally, I emphasize that this program is in line with this government’s objective to increase the participation of Virgin Islanders and landowners in the ownership of this precious land by ensuring that potential sellers and buyers of land and property are matched and that greater local ownership is secured over time.

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