Students helping students; Racine high school students design an ecological playground for a nearby primary school

RACINE, (CBS 58) – Racine high school students put their ideas into place to create an ecological playground for their young peers.

Case high school students worked on a year-long engineering project to create a playground made from recyclable materials for Goodland Montessori Elementary.

“I think it’s the best way to learn how to be hands-on with a real-world project,” said Kate Buchholz, a Case High School teacher and project supervisor.

On Thursday, the students 3D printed three of their best designs chosen by elementary students. Soon, one of the three models will be chosen by Goodland Montessori Elementary to be built on the school grounds.

“We will bring these 3D designs back to our students at Goodland Montessori and they will have the chance to vote for their favorite and hopefully it works out,” said Lisa Johnson, Principal of Goodland Montessori Elementary.

For an engineer, hands-on experience enhances the learning experience.

“It’s great because you see how your work, how it acts in the real world. You don’t just work in class to create a document, you create something,” said Matilde Llacer, a student at Case High School.

For Buchholz, it’s about seeing his students shine.

“That’s the really cool thing about being a teacher, you get to see all those aha moments as they happen,” Buchholz said.

Students are expected to complete the project in the spring.

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