Sunset’s Amanza Smith Sale Reveals Her Budget-Friendly Ways to Revamp Your Home

Is it the season to… transform the decoration of your home?

With the holidays fast approaching, Amanza Smith knows that many homeowners are gearing up for family visits, parties and entertainment in the months ahead. As a result, they might consider decorating their rooms with more than just sprigs of holly. Fortunately, the sell sunset star has some helpful and affordable advice.

“I always say a really great way to spruce up your home and change it up for the seasons or the holidays are cushions, candles, accessories, lighting and now they have removable wallpaper,” shared Amanza with E! News in an exclusive interview. “You don’t even have to be married for that.”

In other words, a fun wall is just a few steps away from peeling and sticking. And if that’s not your thing, the Oppenheim Group estate agent continued, “A lick of paint goes a long way and change your picture frames!”

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Maybe you can also try what Amanza predicts will be the next big thing. Before you add polished gold hardware to your home, the realtor has another suggestion that might be much more current.

rich king

“I said two or three years ago that shiny polished chrome was going to make a comeback,” she said. “And you can never lose with brass because brass is timeless. It’s in the castles. If you do it right, you can keep it forever and it will always, always, always be in style.”

Amanza uses its knowledge by serving on the advisory board of CasaWire, a global B2B2C (as in business-to-consumer commerce) platform for home design, which will launch in early 2023.

While many are used to seeing the Netflix star sell million-dollar homes, she explained how CasaWire can help homeowners on any budget.

Amanza Smith


“There is a wide range of prices and designers,” she said when describing the app. “A lot of times there’s how something looks and then there’s how something feels, so depending on your budget, you can see that you can maybe splurge a bit more on a couch that you’re going to sit down every day. Then maybe you can go a little bit on the cheapest price of some art or props that you can trade in.”

Just be sure to take note of your space and avoid a mistake some Amanza customers make: not buying the right size furniture.

“They’re too small or too big or their rug is too small and they try to fit all their furniture on one tiny little rug,” Amanza explained. “You need to measure and know the size of your space so you can tell before ordering.”

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