Tasty and economical pork recipes shared with consumers

Jane Charlesworth, AHDB Senior Marketing Manager

The cost of living crisis dominates daily conversations as families feel its effects on their finances. This has led to a change in consumer behavior with many people opting for less healthy diets in a bid to save money. But feeding the family a tasty and delicious meal shouldn’t break the bank.

AHDB’s consumer marketing team have compiled a collection of budget recipes designed to feed a family of four for less than five pounds. Visit Lovepork.co.uk to see the recipes, which recommend using boneless pork shoulder and other budget cuts to stay on budget. Appetizing entrees include family favorites like pork meatballs with a cheesy crumb topping, recipes with just five ingredients such as Mexican-style pulled pork and slow cooker pulled pork chili con carne, which only costs just £1 a head.

AHDB also shares some practical recommendations for saving money when shopping and planning meals, such as “fakeaway” menus inspired by favorite global cuisines to create hassle-free, delicious and healthy meals. These can be found in the blog section of the Lovepork site.

Marketing activity continues to reinforce key pork attributes that meet consumer needs and current consumer behavior. It also emphasizes the messages that pork is cost effective, versatile, tasty, and quick and easy to cook. The result of the AHDB’s Shape the future vote shows that consumer marketing matters to taxpayers. In response, the AHDB continues to run marketing campaigns that drive demand for pork, promote its benefits to consumers, and encourage consumers to make it a regular purchase.

Learn more about AHDB’s ongoing and future marketing campaigns across industries in this recent episode of their food and agriculture podcast. The Food and Farming podcast is available at ahdb.co.uk/podcast and on all podcast platforms.

Jane Charlesworth is AHDB’s Senior Marketing Manager

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