The 10 Best Budget Gaming Headsets

With so many great games releasing in 2022, most gamers are on a budget and looking to find the best quality gear at the best price. New technologies are constantly coming out, making it difficult to stay on top of the best, brightest and often most expensive headphones. Every player is looking for something different, and with so many options on the market, shopping quickly becomes overwhelming.

Luckily for gamers, there are budget headsets that offer the same features as those over $100, without sacrificing comfort or quality. These budget headsets prove that winning the match, beating the boss, and becoming the best player possible isn’t all about the most expensive gear.


Corsair HS35

Price: $40 to $50

This entry-level headset offers a host of features and good audio quality at a great price, starting at $35 for those who can nab it on sale. Those looking for a reliable cross-platform headset on a budget should consider this wired pair, found on Amazon.

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The plush memory foam ear cups on this lightweight headset are ideal for long gaming sessions, delivering great audio specs that gamers in reviews back up. This headset includes a detachable unidirectional mic that reviewers praise for its clarity, making it the perfect headset for those who like to play as part of a team. Available in four colors, the Corsair HS35 is a budget headset.

Logitech G435 LIGHTSPEED

Price: $50 to $80

Looking to enjoy some of the best new online games included in the highly prized Nintendo Switch expansion pack? Do it in comfort and style with the effortless Logitech G435 Lightspeed headset, a cool and colorful wireless option.

This headset has a sleek look and feel, with a built-in beamforming mic that eliminates the need for a mic boom and reduces background noise, according to Amazon. Although the headset is lightweight, no audio quality has been spared, with high-fidelity sound and compatibility with Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic for gamers looking for a surround sound experience, not to mention long playtime. 18-hour battery life to help gamers stay immersed in their game. As affordable as $49.99this is an impressive budget gaming headset that should not be overlooked.

Razer Black Shark V2 X

Price: $50 to $60

Razer is well known in the gaming industry as one of the leading manufacturers of gaming headsets. Even gamers on a budget can enjoy the high quality of this brand with their lightweight entry-level headset, the BlackShark V2 X.

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From just $50, this headset packs a punch, offering great specs like software-enabled surround sound capability and individual drivers for gamers looking to fine-tune their audio experience. Professional Esports gamers in reviews of this headset praise it for its crisp sound and comfortable features, saying the quality is well worth the price. Compatible across all platforms via the 3.5mm audio jack and available in many colors including a Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six seat theme overall, it’s a budget-worthy headset.

Turtle Beach Recon 200

Price: $50 to $60

This wired headset is designed for gamers who love team-based online gaming, with amazing features gamers won’t be able to live without once they try them. Featuring a metal frame and built-in boom mic, the Turtle Beach Recon is built to perform and last.

Never worry about being the gamer screaming into the mic again with this headset that features built-in variable mic monitoring so you can hear and adjust the user’s mic volume on the fly. For gamers who need to cut their audio quickly, the mic toggle feature is incredibly useful and well-designed. Hearing the footsteps of nearby enemies won’t be a problem thanks to the headset’s battery-powered amplified sound system, delivering powerful audio specs overall. For the pricethis headset is worth it for online gamers especially.

Stinger Cloud HyperX

Price: $30 to $50

Whether gamers are watching one of the best let’s plays on YouTube or streaming themselves, this comfortable and cool headset will suffice, especially for gamers on a budget. The HyperX Cloud Stinger is available in black or pink, making it a great choice for any gamer.

This affordable headphones offers memory foam and rotating ear cups for a snug, comfortable fit. Gamers won’t have to worry about external mics, as this headset has one built in, with effortless mute, just like Turtle Beach headsets. Thousands of happy Amazon reviewers praise this headset for its noise-canceling capabilities, compatibility, and comfort, making it a surefire option.

SG500 sensor

Price: $29.99

This SENZER headset has one of the most unique designs, combining retro and modern designs with a foldable, noise-reducing covered mic and flexible telescopic arms. This versatile headset is only available in black, but its high-quality features and modern design make it worth it. $30 price tag.

The surround sound capabilities of this headset are a standout feature, allowing gamers to hear which direction footsteps and other in-game sounds are coming from, giving them an edge. This wired headset is highly compatible with a 3.5mm audio jack for use on all platforms. Gamers will forget they’re wearing this lightweight headset, and as many reviewers have pointed out, it’s durable and able to withstand accidental drops. For gamers looking for a modern, clean design without sacrificing functionality, the SENZER is a perfect choice.

Turtle Beach Recon 70

Price: $25 to $40

Turtle Beach is another popular brand for gaming tech, but the high-end name doesn’t have to mean high-end pricing with budget options like the Recon 70. Whether gamers are chatting in the lobby or listening closely to the details of the best point-and-click horror games, this headset is a solid choice.

This headset comes in eight unique colors, making it easy to match a gamer’s well-curated gaming setup. The helpful flip-to-mute mic is a user-favorite feature, and when unmuted, it delivers highly responsive, loud, and clear transmissions. Although this headset is lightweight, the audio specs and build are high quality, making it a great choice for under $40 when it’s on sale.

EKSA Gaming Headset

Price: $30 to $40

This headset emphasizes RBG gaming aesthetics, which can help gamers get in the perfect mood to take on the toughest players and teams. The ESKA helmet offers rainbow gradient light effects on the ear cups, which are padded and breathable, making the easiest Xbox Series X achievements, much easier to achieve.

Along with its flashy design, this headset delivers dynamic audio quality without having to worry about drivers. Its built-in USB audio chip allows for precise enemy positioning and incredibly clear audio through headphones and mic. With a 2.2 meter wire, this headset won’t limit gamers in the middle of battle, perfect for streamers and gamers.

BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

Price: $24 to $50

For gamers who value brand quality and features, but are looking to stick to their budget, should consider this headset, which features a flashy design that includes an LED. Prepare for team battles or take on bizarre video game bosses in true gamer style with the BENGOO G900available in six colors.

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This headset is cross-platform compatible, making it easy to transition between consoles, PCs, and beyond. Its solid build doesn’t compromise on comfort, with breathable ear cups that keep gamers cool and comfortable throughout their gaming session. Beyond its cool design, this set offers convenient features like a movable and adjustable mic and a 49-inch cable with volume controls. One of the more affordable and feature-packed headsets for those who love the gamer aesthetic, this is a great budget option.

SteelSeries Arctis 1

Price: $34 to $50

This headset easily transitions from game mode to mobile mode with a detachable mic and a sleek design perfect for gamers on the go. The universal 3.5mm wired connection makes the SteelSeries Arctis 1 compatible with all gaming platforms including PC, PS4, Xbox and Switch.

Where this headset lacks in color options, it makes up for in design, looking sleek and minimalist unlike many gaming headsets. The audio quality of these headphones claims to be studio-level, with thousands of reviews d tuning and praising the speakers inside. The metal frame, audio quality, and sleek design are well worth the price, well under $100 for a headset that’s built to last.

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