The 9 Best Kid-Friendly Tik Tok Accounts

By Maya Laidler

The 9 Best Kid-Friendly Tik Tok Accounts

TikTok is one of the biggest apps for kids, teens, and adults right now. Especially for kids, TikTok can be a learning platform as well as an entertainment platform with all the kid-friendly content. If your child is under 13 and wants to use the app, there is a section of the app where kids are only allowed to see clean and organized videos. They are also not allowed to comment, search or post their own videos on the platform. With so many different videos and accounts on the platform, it’s important to watch videos that are worthwhile and actually entertaining.

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Minecraft has been one of the most popular video games for over ten years. Kids especially love the limitless amount of creativity they can use in the Minecraft world. Katzil is a TikTok account that showcases his own creations in Minecraft with sped up footage and popular music that can inspire kids to create their own unique and magical builds.


For a more relaxing but interesting TikTok page, you can check out Cat Burns’ TikTok page where she shows the different ways she blows glass into amazing art pieces. Let yourself be seduced by the fascinating process of glass blowing. She gained notoriety by participating in the Netflix show, Blown Away, which is a competition show based on the same art of glass blowing.


This TikTok is great for moms and kids, with its fun crafts, tips, and recipes. Whether you find a DIY Christmas tree made from cardboard or a number matching game made from recycled plasticine capsules, there are many unique ways to have fun with your children and create something new on this page. . Kids also have fun watching the clever things this mom and daughter duo are about to do with all the fun colors and interesting concepts.

Ealing fans

This account unboxes various advent calendars, boxes, and gift bags in a short, multi-part video series. The toys are always cute and with added sound effects, the videos keep kids entertained. Fidget toys often pop up on their account with satisfying and soothing sounds.


Hank Green, best known for his crash course YouTube videos that have been played in classrooms across the country, has a TikTok account where he spreads positivity, fun facts and corrects misinformation on the platform. He often reacts to other TikTok videos where he gives his scientific point of view and shows his passion for the fun and crazy things that happen in nature.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum has its own TikTok! They post long and very interesting fun fact videos about their exhibits and human history. From facts about sharks and dodos to dinosaur bones and mammoths, there are so many interesting facts to learn about them. There have even been frequent appearances by Neil DeGrasse Tyson during World Space Week, who also has his own TikTok account.


You’ve probably seen or heard of Jiff the Pomeranian online and now this cute little dog has his own Tik Tok account! On his account, you can watch Jiff have fun adventures and try on cute trends that all kids will love.


As many parents know, kids love slime. Parents also know that slime can get really messy when playing around the house. To give you a break from cleaning, but also to keep your kids entertained, this Tik Tok slime account is the perfect way to keep them busy.


If your kids are obsessed with all things space, they’ll love watching this account! Alyssa Carson makes videos that feature astronaut history, fun facts about outer space and more.

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