The Best Asexual-Friendly Games to Play This Pride Month

As Pride celebrations bring colorful parties and parades to the streets of the world, many are actively seeking video games to play with characters who identify as LGBTQIA+. Some are looking for characters to play who have their own sexuality or gender or a similar sexuality, while others just want to enjoy the character’s story as a refreshing change for the majority of game characters.

Fortunately, these characters are becoming more common over time, and there are now many characters who identify as gay or bisexual. However, the presence of confirmed asexual and aromatic characters – those who do not experience varying degrees of sexual or romantic attraction – in games is still quite rare. Below are five fantastic games featuring genderless characters that gamers should play this Pride month.

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The Outside World Realistically Portrays Asexuality With Pavarti

Parvati Holcomb is an engineer in The Outer Worlds and a character who can accompany the player in the continuation of his quest. She is asexual, a trait shared by her character developer Kate Dollarhyde, who said Parvati’s story reflects her own experiences in life. A very friendly, helpful, and sweet character, Parvati openly discusses her in-game asexuality with the player. She also discusses her fears of confessing her romantic feelings to another character, describing how she has been mocked and humiliated for her sexuality in the past.

The player works with Parvati to help her overcome her anxiety and advance her relationship while bonding with and supporting her. Negative remarks about her sexuality were deliberately left out by the developers, a feature that players applauded the game for. Parvati is a fantastically written and realistic portrayal of an asexual character navigating through romantic relationships without feeling flat and one-dimensional.

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Stardew Valley main character can give up romance

Although not strictly defined as asexual, the player character in Stardew Valley can choose to forgo the romantic options presented in-game and instead choose to choose Krobus the Monster Merchant to become their roommate rather than their spouse. Krobus brings many of the same benefits as a spouse in the game, but without a romantic or sexual relationship. The player cannot have children with Krobus, but he will help raise existing ones from previous relationships, and instead of kissing the player, he will kiss them friendly to restore energy. No ceremony takes place and instead of getting a divorce, he can just be kicked out for free.

Krobus doesn’t get jealous if the player gives gifts to other marriage candidates, but he also doesn’t do chores like a spouse usually would. All in all, it’s a refreshing change to have the option of not getting married while enjoying most of the gameplay benefits that come with marriage. This makes Krobus a popular choice for players who don’t want to get married for whatever reason.

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Boyfriend Dungeon’s main character can withdraw from relationships

Boyfriend’s Dungeon remains a great example of inclusive gaming, as it takes into account a wide variety of sexualities and identities during its gameplay. Players can become friends and reach the maximum love rank with each character without having to develop their relationship into a romantic or sexual one. It’s also possible to focus purely on romance, as sex is never required in any of the pathways to various character reactions.

Alternatively, the player can opt out of any relationship and simply choose to bond with an adorable cat called Brass Knuckles while maintaining friendships with other characters. Again, this gives players the ability to bond with a character and experience the full game without feeling the need to engage in a sexual or romantic relationship to do so. Combined with the game’s portrayal of other LGBTQIA+ characters, this makes Boyfriend’s Dungeon a great game to consider playing this Pride.

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Manami from A Year of Springs comes to terms with his sexuality

A spring year is a three-in-one game that tells the intertwined stories of Haru, Erika, and Manami as they navigate society and their feelings while visiting a hot spring. While Haru’s story centers on her being trans and Erika’s on her attraction to women, Manami’s story involves her coming to terms with her asexuality and how it affects her friendships and relationship. with her boyfriend, respectively. Although each story can be played individually, the three stories are woven together so fantastically that it would be a shame not to experience all three together.

The series is adored by many and resonates with gamers for the way it approaches its subjects and the endearing qualities of its characters. With gorgeous art and a smooth, relaxing soundtrack, A spring year is a fantastic choice to play this Pride month.

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Ace in Space’s Adrian Clarke is both genderless and non-binary

It’s obvious from the title alone that this game is suitable for asexuals. Adrian Clarke, aka Enby, is both asexual and non-binary and has been tasked with shaping society on a distant planet known as T-3R4, as well as maintaining his blog to keep people back home informed about their progress. The player has five romance options – four robots and a man – or they can choose to not date anyone instead. All paths lead to completely different endings for Enby, and the relatively short playtime means players can expect to see all the different endings. ace in space has to offer in a single day.

Interestingly, Enby is also diagnosed with cancer, a rarity among main characters in games, and the disease plays a big part in the game as a whole. A full list of trigger warnings can be found on the game’s website, along with a completion guide for those who might be interested in playing.

Diversity and representation in video games is a much-discussed topic, and thankfully, more and more developers are recognizing the need to include characters from all walks of life and walks of life. It’s still rare to see asexual and aromantic characters in video games, but hopefully the number will increase as the voices of those who want to see such characters grow louder.

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