The best eco-friendly gifts for Mother’s Day 2021

The first person that comes to mind when we hear “mom”—someone whose love and maternal instinct got us through a tough time—is different for all of us. But at the risk of sounding like a documentary narrated by David Attenborough, it is fitting to point out that we all share the same Mother Earth.

Much like the human mother figures who endured our rough teenage years without (much) complaint, our planet takes a lot of crap from us humans.

With report after report of the damage caused by consumer plastic waste and CO2 emissions from companies giving all of this to consumers, it’s only natural to feel guilty about going on a holiday as a gift.

Of course you can’t do not give your mom a gift for Mother’s Day. Eco-friendly gifts will help your mom reduce her carbon footprint while giving her something she’ll be obsessed with. These go way beyond pretty reusable bags: we’re talking countertop LED gardens that allow it to skip the plastic wraps of the grocery store, sunscreen that won’t harm coral reefs, and really cute workout leggings made from recycled water bottles. Really, anything made from materials already in circulation or replacing a single-use item with a reusable version is a good place to start.

Government policies and big business pollution are the biggest problem. Full stop. But the fact that your gift won’t ending up releasing methane in a landfill or as part of the eight million metric tons of plastic dumped into the ocean every year is always a hard-hitting gift to the planet.

Here are our favorite eco gifts for Mother’s Day 2021:

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