The Best Travel-Friendly Skincare and Skincare Kits, Sets, and Packages

Are you looking for a thoughtful skincare or grooming gift for Father’s Day coming up, but are overwhelmed by the number of options available? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this curated list of kits. And why do we only recommend kits, rather than solo items? For starters: kits always cost less than buying the items separately. (Translation: savings for you.) Plus, who wouldn’t love to receive more than one item? Finally: the kits are perfectly transportable, so you just have to store them in your luggage.

Below are 12 skincare and skincare kits, sets and sets – they’re listed from most expensive to most affordable – every dad in your life will love receiving this Father’s Day.

Men’s Organic Pharmacy Routine Collection, $208

This box from the London-based company of clean skincare pioneer Margo Marrone contains six essentials to help you look great inside and out. In addition to the deep-cleansing face wash and light moisturizer, there’s a circulation-boosting muslin cloth, a purifying seaweed mask for weekly use, and magnesium supplements to combat daily stress.

Alder New York Clean Skincare Gift Set, $144.99

Founded by best friends and Brooklynites Nina Zilka and David Krause, Alder New York proudly champions skincare for everyone. So no matter your dad’s age, ethnicity or lifestyle, he’ll be able to use this set of chic design essentials – which range from glycolic-infused daily cleanser to fast-absorbing moisturizing oil – for clear, healthy skin.

The Feelist Me-Time set, $120

Because dads deserve to take care of themselves too, gift this aptly named pair infused with antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory cannabinoids. Although the salt soak and body cream can be used individually, they are even better when used together and feel especially wonderful when you need to relax, such as after a long flight or exhausting workout. .

Sand & Sky Tasmanian Spring Water Healthy Hydration Kit, $81.40

Australian skincare brand Sand & Sky has caused a stir around the world with its uncompromising, clean and effective skincare. Particularly well-suited to men with oilier complexions, this duo’s Splash Serum and Hydration Boost Moisturizer – both of which contain mineral-rich Tasmanian spring water – deliver deep, long-lasting hydration without a hint of oiliness. .

Amouage Discovery Set for Men, $80

Founded in Oman in 1983 by the Sultan of Oman, Amouage is a luxury perfume house renowned for its sophisticated and complex fragrances with notes traditionally used in the Middle East. Inside this attractive black box, you’ll discover six mini spray bottles from the brand’s offerings for men: Gold Man, Epic Man, Reflection Man, Interlude Man, Honor Man and Portrayal Man.

Robert Piguet Parfums Discovery Set, $70

This newly unveiled set of mini eau de parfum sprays from Robert Piguet will allow the perfume-loving father in your life to explore the heritage of the famous French perfume house. From the iconic tuberose-based Fracas, created in 1948, to the 2015 release of Oud Délice, a heady blend of amber, fig and wood, he’s bound to discover a new favorite or two.

5-piece ALPHA-H sample kit, $65

A far cry from your ordinary samples, the items you can choose from for this kit are generously sized for plenty of use. So whether you want to experiment with the acclaimed Australian skincare brand’s core collection, including award-winning Alpha Gold liquid exfoliator, try new items, or stock up on favorites for your next trip, this customizable set has you covered. all the basics.

James Eye Quench, $63

Banish dark circles, fine lines and puffiness around your eyes – where delicate skin first shows signs of stress and aging – with this trio of hydrating eye masks from Australian cult brand James. How to use: apply to clean, dry skin for 20-30 minutes, remove, massage into the remaining solution and marvel at your luminous, alert appearance.

Natura Homem Care Set, $49

From Brazil, the country with the richest biodiversity in the world, comes Natura. Each product in this trio incorporates naturally healing ingredients such as copaíba oil – which also has a wonderfully woody and sweet scent – ​​to ensure a comfortable, nick-free shave. After use, skin and hair will feel smooth and hydrated for up to eight hours, and subtly scented.

Hume Supernatural Mixed Deodorant Trio, $35.70

There are tons of deodorants available on the market, but Hume Supernatural stands out from the rest for several reasons. First of all, you won’t find any problematic ingredients like aluminum, triclosan and talc. Second, the distinct scents are fresh, light, and desert-inspired. Last but not least, the formulas glide on clear and super dry.

Performance Body Spray Trio Set, $33

Because sweating is a completely natural and healthy bodily function, Offcourt has created body sprays to tackle the problem of sweat-related odors. Formulated with prebiotics and three naturally deodorizing ingredients, the sprays come in three refreshing scents that last for hours and aren’t overpowering at all. So spray liberally and spray often.

Stratia Essentials Kit, $29

Backed by extensive research, Stratia is proof positive that good skincare habits don’t have to be overly complicated or expensive. This handy kit is a great introduction to the brand and contains everything you need to effectively cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. And because Stratia is free from common irritants like alcohol and essentials, all skin types can use the brand.

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