The evolution of the online casino industry towards mobile-friendly games

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The casino industry was one of the first to take advantage of the invention of the Internet, with the launch of the first online casino in 1996. It took some time for the market to catch up with casino innovation in line. Yet the online gambling industry now accounts for more than a quarter of the gambling market in Europe.

Today we are seeing a similar development where online casinos operating in Sweden and internationally are moving towards mobile-optimized websites and mobile apps. At the same time, it is now common to receive bonuses and promotions in exchange for simply signing up through an online casino or mobile casino app.

Just as desktop online casino websites had the advantage of increased accessibility over location-based casinos, mobile-friendly online casinos take that accessibility one step further. Increased accessibility means that online casinos can offer their services 24/7 no matter where the players are, which is accelerating the growth of the industry.

In this article, Carlos Norberg looks at recent innovations in technology and design philosophy that are making online casino services more mobile-friendly.

Improved connectivity

Wi-Fi was invented and first launched for consumers in 1997. Since then, other advancements in connectivity technologies, such as the development of 3G, 4G, and 5G, have made internet connectivity an almost ubiquitous phenomenon in developed countries.

Connectivity improvements make it possible to play casino games at online casinos like online bingo a more pleasant overall experience. A poor connection or weak signal can completely ruin the online gaming experience, especially when the stakes are high.

To attract more players to online gambling, online casinos are investing considerable resources in their online and mobile fronts. Using these resources, online casino websites are continually optimized to take advantage of the latest developments in internet technology and provide players with a state-of-the-art online gaming experience.

Mobile-exclusive bonuses

With so much competition due to the low barrier to entry in the Swedish and European online casino markets, being able to offer players competitive bonuses and promotions is a proven casino business model. to make the difference between success or failure. Swedish physical casinos can choose to go further in prioritizing their online casino fronts by offering bonuses that are only available online.

That’s not to say it’s the only factor; indeed, an online casino’s game selection and the availability of different banking options also come into play for players. But when all else is equal, an online casino with bonuses that better suit the newcomer budgets and veteran players generally prevail.

Device independent design

Smartphones were first on the scene with the advent of the mobile gaming revolution, but now there are tablets and smartwatches to consider. And, while smartphones are the primary platform for online gaming, even among smartphones, there are significant hardware differences between manufacturers that online casinos and casino game developers need to consider.

Globally, no single type or brand of mobile device holds the majority of the market, so it is in the interest of online casinos to make their websites and apps compatible with as many devices as possible. To that effect, we find that many online casinos are forgoing app development entirely in favor of mobile-friendly websites. This is ideal for gamers as they can get the same high quality experience whether they are playing on desktop or mobile.

Where online casino content apps are developed, the resources are equally divided among the major app stores like the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This enables cross-platform functionality on multiple types of mobile devices running the same operating system.


Online casinos see the trend towards mobile device usage and understand that websites designed decades ago to be used on desktop devices will not be enough to meet market demand. In response, online casinos are making their websites and applications compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and internet technologies while offering their online players enticing bonuses for switching to mobile gaming platforms.

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