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Jennie rated Mod Pizza – Simi Valley, CA Reviewed: December 10, 2015
Rated for: peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs

I’ve been here twice – the first time just to check, and spoke with a waiter/food assembler who was very knowledgeable about their food allergy policy. He was aware of the cross contamination issues and said they would clean a spot in the oven for my pizza etc. they bake all the pizzas in a big stone oven. So, feeling comfortable with it, I went a second time and brought my food allergic kids. Again there was a main waiter/assembler who handled our order with great care. When I first mentioned food allergies, he immediately started changing gloves – always a good sign!! He got “clean” ingredients out the back for my son’s pizza with no problem. It didn’t make me feel like we were a pain. I had to remind them to clear a space above, and they did, very carefully. Another waiter tried to “help” and almost messed things up, should you always be on the lookout. Anyway, eating at MOD Pizza was the very first time my family was able to go out for pizza together, and for that, I’m so grateful. There are no eggs or milk in their pizza crust. The red sauce has cheese in it but they also have BBQ sauce as an alternative. So my child with a peanut, milk and egg allergy (not to say fussy) had a BBQ-bacon pizza, (no cheese), which he loved!! We’ve experienced this flavor combo before at home, so we knew he’d like it, and he did! We will be back soon!

Phenomenal allergy-friendly practices. A designated, specially trained person will go through the ingredients (happily taking pictures of all the ingredient labels in the kitchen and pulling them out if necessary) and prepare your food in a separate location, then take it out with a string of guaranteed traceability. They also make many items from scratch. I go to the location on Diversey most often and am a HUGE fan. When you check in, tell the front desk that you have a food allergy and need help to be directed to the right person. Because I need the separate area and to confirm the ingredients each time I go there, I cannot order at the checkout as normal practice.

[email protected] reviewed Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar – Raleigh, NC Reviewed December 2, 2015
Rated for: peanuts, tree nuts, seafood

Our server asked us about food allergies as soon as we were seated, before we even had a chance to ask him! He was very knowledgeable about the menu and what each of our children could safely enjoy. (There were plenty of choices available for our family, which hasn’t always been our experience with sushi/Asian food and shellfish/nut/peanut allergies.) We all felt very comfortable there down and we plan to return whenever we are in town. The food was delicious too!

Cfmartin rated The Artist’s Palate – Poughkeepsie, NY Reviewed: November 12, 2015
Rated for: Peanuts, Dairy, Wheat, Eggs, Gluten, Soy

I have eaten here several times, always with extreme success. The food is cooked to order and the restaurant has always been able to accommodate our multiple food allergies. They serve gluten/dairy free buns and even have a Caesar salad with polenta croutons! And, I must mention that the food is fabulous.

Tico3169 rated IHOP Restaurant – State College, PA Reviewed: November 12, 2015
Rated for: peanuts, dairy, sesame, tree nuts, eggs

It’s like they don’t want us there. We were with our child who ONLY has nut allergies and upon mentioning that they were quick to mention that they use nuts so they can’t guarantee anything, they don’t use a separate part of the grill, and basically that’s “eat at your own risk. It was almost verbatim 2x in 2 separate visits (we ordered safe food – limited choices). Don’t go.

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