The most – and least – economical countries to see Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga have been revealed

If you’re trying to get your Bayern Munich fix on TV or streaming, how much does it cost?

In the US, we can tell you that the fee for the Bundesliga on ESPN+ is currently $69.99/year (equivalent to £57.71 or €68.01) if you purchase the latest special (30 % reduction !). This price, however, will increase after the trial period.

Not too bad, huh? In some countries, however, it will cost you MUCH more.

The good folks at Sporticos have compiled the cheapest countries to watch the Bundesliga and the most expensive – which is mind-blowing.

See how much it would cost you to watch the Bundesliga in the five most expensive countries:

If you live in Spain, you better be a HUGE Bundesliga fan to invest in this (now we know what Robert Lewandowski pays to keep tabs on his former side). But what about those poor New Zealanders? It seems…unfair.

As for the cheapest countries, Brazil is free and some other countries also have really affordable prices:

As we know, India has a big Bayern Munich fanbase so these people are getting a really good deal. We hit our own Swaz for some India coverage reviews to see exactly what you’re getting for your money.

“So in India you watch either on TV or SonyLIV app/website. I pay for SonyLIV as all BuLi games are streamed unlike TV which only plays Bayern game /Dortmund The advantages are that all the games are streamed on LIV but if you compare it to streaming on Star Sports (long time BuLi broadcaster until they were canceled in 2020) the quality isn’t that good and they don’t ‘don’t have replays either,’ Swaz said. It’s an awful option and I wouldn’t recommend it. The guys at Sony would rather show a random volleyball game than a Bayern game, so they’re pushing it to l ‘one of the peripheral channels and it leaves you in a hunting frenzy where you have to find which channel they’re broadcasting in for that particular game. LIV also doesn’t have a slider so you can’t go back through games The only feature they have is that you can rev Go to certain sections of the games like chances or saves.

As for ESPN+ coverage in the US, which is somewhere in the middle of the pack in terms of cost, I would say this: having Bundesliga matches on one platform in one place is nice and convenient. However, I find the lack of promotion and the lack of any type of coverage beyond the placement of games on the streaming interface concerning. I was worried that ESPN would treat the Bundesliga like they did in Serie A (little promotion, no real incentive to help grow the league’s popularity) and I think it definitely has. I wonder how the league can acquire new fans this way in the United States, where we have a slew of other major sports, not to mention countless entertainment options available. The actual match coverage is great, but it’s all produced and managed by the Bundesliga itself. ESPN+ is just the viewing portal to this world.

Not that you possibly plan where to live based on the cost of watching Bayern Munich, but if you have, hopefully this helps you select a location!

Graphics in this article are courtesy of Sporticos.

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