The Play Store finally gets a tablet-friendly interface

Android hasn’t been the best platform for tablet users over the years, but Google promised to change that. It looks like the company is delivering on that promise, as it powers over 20 Google apps for tablets. Now the Google Play Store is getting its tablet optimizations late.

We know Google’s wish to improve Android Tablet experience since the company announced Android 12L last year. Now we know that the company is developing a Pixel tablet and will launch it next year. This let us know that Google is really committed to improving the tablet experience on Android.

Play Store tablet optimizations finally arrive

Google has been working on optimizing its apps for tablets, and we’ve seen the fruits of its labor. Now the company is turning to the Play Store. According 9To5Googlethe latest version of the Google Play Store (version 32.5.16-21) brings some notable changes to the app’s interface.

Tablet Play Store

The changes made to the interface are not too significant. The buttons are always on the left side of the screen, and the tabs and search bar are at the top. The Google Play icon in the top left no longer has the text “Google Play” and the selected buttons are encased in a small oval, not a long pill. Reading points, notifications and the profile button can be found at the top right of the screen.

The main change is the use of space. The buttons are lower on the screen and they are a bit bigger to take up more space. Also, the app icons are significantly larger. Other than that, there are no other major changes.

It’s not a massive overhaul, but it does make the interface nicer for tablet users. When the Pixel tablet will launch next year, it will use these optimized Google apps right out of the box. Until then, Android users can preview how the interface will look for this device.

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