The world traveler from Rochester has an economic path

ROCHESTER, NY – A Rochester woman is living her best life, doing what most of us only dream of. But how to travel the world on a modest salary? Budgeting.

Kris Dreesse has been traveling since she was a child. It’s a track that has taken her all over the world – literally.

“I say I love that I caught the wanderlust bug,” Dreesse said. “And never stopped.”

Dreesse estimates she has traveled to at least 40 countries.

“They are often off the beaten track,” she says. “Or the other way, way, beaten way.”

Paths traveled mainly solo. From Germany to Africa to South America and beyond.

“It seems like everywhere I go people ask me if I’m alone,” she said. “And usually that’s also followed by, oh wow, I don’t know if I could ever do that.”

Everywhere she goes, there are pictures to take. Not so much to highlight the destination, but the journey.

“The more I travel, the more I see the differences. And that’s what makes it unique and interesting,” Dreessen said. “But more importantly, every time I go somewhere new, my favorite thing in the world is finding the similarities between the strangers I meet.”

Whether in a remote location or here at home, Dreessen searches for the things people might pass by. The things and people that make places special.

“I hope people can see that everyday people can make a difference,” she said.

The writer and journalist maintains a blog detailing his travels. The aptly named “Wandering Kris” – and “Kris Around the World” shows people that you can travel on a budget. All it takes is the right plan.

“I consider myself the queen of cheap travel,” Dreesse said. “I feel like a lot of people think it’s beyond their reach. But that’s really not the case if you look at different things you can do and where you spend your money.

To save money, Dreessen often stays in hostels or with local families.

“I’m really grateful for how welcoming and helpful people are,” she said.

Adventure is what you make it. Especially on a less traveled trail.

“When I come home, it’s not necessarily the things I saw,” she said. “But the experiences I’ve had and the friends I’ve made along the way.”

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