This air duster is a greener way to clean your electronics

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Electronics tend to get dirty over time. After all, we use them constantly, so it only makes sense that they end up getting scuffed or dusty. But while there are a number of cleaning solutions designed specifically for electronics, many of them aren’t exactly respectful of nature or kind to your wallet. the Hurricane X3 Variable Speed ​​Air Duster solves both of these problems.

This dust collector is part of an affordable range revolution against compressed air. The X3 Hurricane has much longer lasting power than a regular air can and runs much, much longer than you would from a traditional air can. That’s because the X3 Hurricane is fully rechargeable, so you can plug it in and get a fresh air chamber in no time. No more going to the store to buy a completely new can.

The X3 Hurricane features a variable speed trigger that lets you use as little or as much power as needed to clean your devices, with a top speed of 260 mph. Despite all that power, however, it’s still extremely quiet so you won’t disturb your colleagues when you’re working in the office. The device is rated for over 5,000 traditional duster cans, saving you literally thousands of dollars over time with your canned air. It works great on computers, servers, camera lenses, medical equipment, displays, circuit boards and more. Whatever you need to keep clean, the X3 Hurricane has you covered for a long, long time.

Save money and help the planet while keeping your electronics clean. Right now, the X3 Hurricane Variable Speed ​​Canless Air Duster is on sale for 24% off $159. only $119.99.

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