To watch in a friendly, June 14, 2022

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Faces in new places. Pineda said the team trained using Ronaldo Cisneros as a winger as he can play inside or outside. Cisneros, on loan from Chivas, leads the team with four goals. Cisneros can also play as a second striker, which is another tactical tweak Pineda said the team is working on.

“Ronaldo can give us that flexibility and not necessarily two forwards all the way,” Pineda said. “But we can have different types of moves to help the team.”

The experiences may also be the result of the team being forced to play their next three league games without attacking midfielder Thiago Almada due to a red card and injuries to Gutman and Hernandez. Wiley can play on the left wing but will likely be integrated as a left-back. Because the team traded Jake Mulraney to Orlando a few weeks ago, they don’t have a true left-winger other than Marcelino Moreno. With Almada suspended, the team could either place Moreno as an attacking midfielder, a position he has played many times, or keep him on the left and use Emerson Hyndman as an attacking midfielder.

“It’s a position that not only have I trained here sometimes over the last two weeks, but it’s a position that I know very well from Mexico, playing as a left winger,” Cisneros said. “It’s a position I like because you get the ball facing the goal, instead of always with your back to the goal. So until now I’ve played mainly as a number nine (striker) It’s a position I know well.”

What team worked on. The team has spent much of the training sessions over the past two weeks focusing on the positives of their first 13 games.

“If we improve on those positives, we will get better results rather than fixing the bad things,” Pineda said. “It’s a balance between reiterating and encouraging the good things we’ve done, which is a lot. And then obviously tweaking a few small things on the details that we think can help us close the games.

As for the negatives, which include defending from set pieces, Pineda said that more than tactics or forms, the team tried to improve their mentality.

“Little details like total focus in every play, every pass counts, every duel counts,” he said.

Pineda said the team has also been training to improve in certain situations, like when to press and when to recognize that throwing the ball downfield or just out of bounds is OK.

Pachuca. The Mexican club are coming off a fantastic season in LIGA MX. He qualified for the Clausura final, where he was beaten in two sets by Atlas for the title. He will miss several key players who are part of the Mexico national team, but he has enough quality to beat Austin 4-1 in a friendly on Saturday.

The club is managed by Guillermo Almada, who is considered one of the best coaches in North, Central and South America.

The club likes to pressure and is usually very aggressive.

Cisneros knows Pachuca very well since his time at Chivas in LIGA MX.

“I think it will be a great game against a great team, a great team that showed they did things very well,” Cisneros said. “They have a very good coach. So we know it will really be a test of quality for us but also a chance for us to show the quality we have in the team.

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Atlanta United 2022 MLS Schedule

February 27 Atlanta United 3, Sporting KC 1

March 5 Colorado 3, Atlanta United 0

March 13 Atlanta United 2, Charlotte 1

March 19 Atlanta United 3, Montreal 3

April 2 Atlanta United 1, DC United 0

April 10 Charlotte 1, Atlanta United 0

April 16 Atlanta United 0, Cincinnati 0

April 24 Miami 2, Atlanta United 1

April 30 Montreal 2, Atlanta United 1

May 7 Atlanta United 4, Chicago 1

May 15 Atlanta United 2, New England 2

May 21 Atlanta United 2, Nashville 2

May 28 Columbus 2, Atlanta United 1

June 19 vs. Miami, 3 p.m., ESPN2

June 25 in Toronto, 7:30 p.m., BSSO/BSSE

June 30 at New York Red Bulls, 8 p.m., BSSO/BSSE

July 3 at NYCFC, 5 p.m., BSSO/BSSE

July 9 c. Austin, 7 p.m., BSSO/BSSE

July 13 vs. Real Salt Lake, 7:30 p.m., BSSO/BSSE

July 17 vs. Orlando, 3 p.m., ABC

July 24 at LA Galaxy, 9:30 p.m., FS1

July 30 in Chicago, 5 p.m., BSSO/BSSE

Aug. 6 vs. Seattle, 3 p.m., ABC

Aug. 13 at Cincinnati, 7:30 p.m. BSSO/BSSE

Aug. 17 vs. New York Red Bulls, 7:30 p.m., BSSO/BSSE

August 21 at Columbus, 5:30 p.m., FS1

Aug. 28 vs. DC United, 4 p.m. UNIV

Aug. 31 at Philadelphia, 7 p.m., FS1

Sept. 4 in Portland, 5:30 p.m., FOX

September 10 c. Toronto, 7:30 p.m., BSSO/BSSE

September 14 in Orlando, 6 p.m., BSSO/BSSE

Sept. 17 vs. Philadelphia, 3:30 p.m., UniMas

Oct. 1 at New England, 1 p.m., UniMas


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