Top 10 eco-friendly products that are the ultimate gifts for sustainable design advocates!

Our unhealthy practices and way of life are really harmful to the environment and slowly lead to its deterioration. And the world has changed (for the worse) because of it. It is therefore extremely important to live in a sustainable and conscious way and to take care of the environment. Integrating sustainable development into our daily lives has become crucial! And we can do it in different ways. Designers and creators come up with sustainable alternatives for almost everything! Every product needed and used by us in our daily routine has an eco-friendly alternative. Replacing our usual mass-produced designs with these greener options will make a huge difference to the environment and Mother Earth! And they would also make great Christmas gifts and encourage others to lead more sustainable lives too! From a DIY wooden bicycle to durable mushroom lamps, we’ve curated a whole collection of sustainable product designs to help you and your loved ones go green!

1. Open bike

This plywood bike was created with the goal of getting more people to focus on sustainability. The open-source design is called “Openbike” and despite the obvious issues that come with a plywood bike, it’s still an affordable, lightweight alternative for those who want to live on a budget but are also environmentally conscious. You can download the files to build your own bike here! To make the bike, you need to upload the designs to their website. Then you can take the designs to a local digital fabrication shop where the CNC machine cuts the body of the bike from plywood and uses 3D printing for things like the saddle, front hub, and grips that could also be recycled from old bikes depending on available resources.

2. Mycelium + Wood

In collaboration with researcher Ninela Ivanova, British designer Sebastian Cox’s “Mycelium + Timber” examines the viability of mycelium as a potential material in commercial furniture design. Mycelial fibers are tied to pieces of willow wood, which provide the base and fodder for the fungus to grow. The result is the absolute antithesis of mass production. Designed in part by nature, each lamp is unique, has its own aesthetic and is beautiful in its imperfections. The lamps take between 4 and 12 weeks to “grow out”. Willow wood scraps are first sourced from Cox’s own forest and are cut into thin strips before being woven into shape and placed in a mould. The mold is then filled with a fungus called fomes fomentarius, which has been grown using more wooden strips. Inside the mold, the mycelium and the wood fuse together, creating a unique type of composite material.

3. Calzone

Calzone is a reusable collapsible plate inspired by (you guessed it) the beloved crescent-shaped Italian turnovers. The colorful product is perfect for picnics and hikes because not only can it store food, but it also functions as a plate! When folded and closed in half, Calzone functions as a nifty little container, but when opened it takes on a flat shape and can be used as tableware for serving food. It’s the perfect replacement for single-use zipper bags and plates! Created from medical grade silicone, Calzone is safe enough to place in the fridge, freezer, microwave and oven.

4. Hana sneakers

Sneaker culture is technically part of fast fashion, which is a big contributor to the growing waste problem. But if you can find a cool pair that’s sustainably designed right down to its packaging, like the Hana trainers, we’re all here for it! Designed by Italian sneaker brand ID.EIGHT, not only is it unisex and cruelty-free, but it’s made from materials that are by-products of the food industry and are considered waste – skin and heart of apple, grape skin, pips, and pineapple leaves! Inspired by the 90s with references to the navy look, the durable shoes express the ironic and dynamic style of ID.EIGHT. The contrast between the white recycled polyester upper and the AppleSkin details in shades of red and blue create a contemporary and clear color mix.

5. Boundary Supply Rennen Recycled Pouch

The Boundary Supply Rennen Recycled Pouch is an everyday bag created with 70% recycled materials, eco-friendly fabrics and yarn made from four recycled plastic bottles. As eco-friendly as the bag is, it’s also extremely functional. It has a business card pocket, a pocket sleeve, as well as a pen loop to store all your daily necessities. It measures 8.5 inches wide and 2 inches deep, providing ample space to store all your knick-knacks. The recycled pouch is available in three colors, so you can choose one according to your personal taste!

6. The Kawamboo Bamboo Coffee Press

The Kawamboo Bamboo Coffee Press is made from genuine bamboo wood, and each coffee press comes with its own unique natural pattern. Featuring a 12 fluid ounce capacity, the bamboo coffee maker can brew enough coffee for one person at a time. The bamboo outer body protects the glass, ensuring it lasts longer than regular coffee makers. It is also very easy to disassemble and clean! The Kawamboo Bamboo Coffee Press is a durable and eco-friendly gift with an interesting appearance that would be greatly appreciated by whoever is lucky enough to receive it!

7. The coarse pottery air humidifier

Led by Haibo Hou, the team of student designers produced the Coarse Pottery air humidifier as a sustainable alternative to electric air humidifiers. Designed to humidify dry indoor spaces, the coarse pottery air humidifier almost looks like a clay heater. The air humidifier is made from a type of pottery that contains just the right amount of porosity and moisture absorption qualities. By adding water to the basin of the Coarse Pottery Humidifier, the droplets will gradually rise and evaporate through tiny cavities near the top of the Coarse Pottery Humidifier. As the water rises, the air in the interior space is humidified with small water droplets.

8. The Seventh Generation Beam

Seventh Generation’s goal is to limit harmful chemicals and they use plant-based ingredients, fragrances made from real ingredients, and no synthetic fragrances/colorants in their products. It promotes the importance of wellness in our personal care, household products, and in general, in our daily lifestyle. The concept demands that we expand our understanding of what feeds us without harming the planet through beautiful and innovative design. The goal is to create 100% plastic-free packaging. The challenge is to rebrand a range of traditional products and redesign the packaging system to be fully sustainable while using no plastics or bioplastics. Biomaterials like tin, wood pulp, plant cellulose, food scraps, grass, algae and fungi are being investigated.

9. The Lucca Bozzi Solar Charging Wallet

The Lucca Bozzi Solar Charging Wallet is an advanced wallet with a built-in battery that charges your device on the go! It can provide almost ten hours of battery life for your iPhone, Android and other gadgets. It comes with a built-in charging cable such as Lightning, Micro-USB, USB Type-C, etc. Although at the end of the day, it’s still a wallet. It features a bi-fold style and is perfect for holding your notes, cards and coins. Made from beautiful Italian leather, it has a sleek and elegant aesthetic.

10. Wind

Inspired by his desire to “reinvent the ways in which we use and produce energy”, on a small scale, Vento is not simply a bicycle light, as Bestenheider describes it, but “a power station, a way of questioning energy consumption and an object to connect like-minded people. Vento is a state of mind. Composed of four main components, Vento is like a miniature wind turbine. Constructed from recycled plexiglass and aluminum, Vento’s microturbine harvests wind energy while the bike is in motion. Then the energy is converted into electricity by electromagnetic induction which occurs in the turbine generator. The bicycle light’s battery then stores this energy and the LED bulb generates light. As you move around in your bike, the wind is always blowing in front of you, so the light will always work when needed. Conveniently positioned between the handlebars, Vento also features on/off and turn signal switches for daytime use.

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