Tottenham Hotspur vs Roma friendly: game time, open thread and how to watch online

Well well well. Look who it is. It’s our old friend director Jose Mourinho. Tottenham Hotspur is in Israel, in the Holy Land, to face AS Roma in what’s billed as a friendly but, let’s face it, probably won’t be very friendly.

There are a whole bunch of #narratives at play here, not just because Jose is still salty that he was (rightly) sacked by Spurs six days before a cup final. Tottenham are also reportedly interested in Roma attacking midfielder Nicolo Zaniolo in the remainder of the game. transfer window. And then there’s the venue for today’s game, which had all kinds of jimmies swirling around.

But ultimately, we’re here for the football and that’s what we’re going to focus on. It’s Spurs’ final update ahead of the start of the Premier League season against Southampton August 6. While Conte might throw us a curveball with his team selection, I have a feeling the lineup he comes up with to start this game will be the lineup he uses with the Saints to get into the Tottenham Hotspur stadium. .

Ben Davies is back, and it’s great. Ollie Skipp is out, and less – he suffers a foot injury sustained in training which apparently required stitches, but he’s not supposed to be out for long. Tanguy Ndombele, Gio Lo Celso, Sergio Reguilon and Harry Winks are all back in London.

I can’t wait to see what kind of veiled and not-so-veiled comments Jose makes before and after this game, especially since Jose and Conte have…let’s just call it a less than collegial relationship in the past. I expect a copious amount of drop shadow.

Today’s game will air on SpursPLAY, Tottenham’s in-house premium streaming service (£45/year). I’m told a replay of this game will air on CBS Sports Network Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. ET for Americans reading this blog.

UPDATE: For US viewers, today’s game MAY or MAY NOT air on Paramount+. It’s hard to tell — the preview says a replay at 6:05 PM ET, but click on it and it says the stream starts at 2:05 PM ET. So don’t take this as gospel.

NOTE: Please do not post links to illegal streams in the comments or hint at where people can find them. Illegal streams are bad and get us in trouble. Offenders will be banned and comments atomized.


How to watch

Tottenham Hotspur v Roma
Saturday July 30, 2022
Kick-off: 2:15 p.m. ET, 7:15 p.m. BST

TV: not televised
Diffusion: SpursPLAY (£45/year), Paramount+ (US — maybe? We’re not sure, Paramount’s website is garbage, isn’t it fun? Wheeee)

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