Upcoming horror game My Friendly Neighborhood is both cute and spooky

Just when you thought it was safe to watch public TV again, My Friendly Neighborhood is here to prove you wrong. This upcoming horror game seems to be a bit different from the normal horror usually associated with the genre.

Developer DreadXP describes its game as a “damn lovely survival horror game”. Based on the trailer, I think they nailed the description.

Once upon a time there was a TV show that took kids on all kinds of educational adventures called My Friendly Neighborhood. Eventually, the show dwindled in views and the network shut it down. And then one dark and mysterious night, without warning, the show appears on TVs everywhere.

You play as Gordon, a repairman whose job has recently become a little terrifying. He is now tasked with stopping the unexpected airing of the canceled TV show before the puppets start eating more than the rest.

My Friendly Neighborhood is a non-linear survival horror game, which means you can play it in a completely different way on a replay. Along with that, the game features a colorful cast of puppets, some that look a lot like a certain kids’ show you might have been near and dear to when you were young.

What I like the most about the trailer is the weapon that is shown. They call it a Rolodexer, which looks like flashcards of the alphabet that you shoot at the puppets. There also seem to be various environments, from dark, gloomy puppet workshops to colorful pencil-drawn hallways.

Since Steam Next Fest is happening right now, you can demo the game for yourself. If you’re usually too scared to play your standard horror game, the sometimes brilliant My Friendly Neighborhood motif might be right up your alley. For me, I just want to shoot that vampire who kept counting everything he saw.

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