User-friendly “YouTube Go” app for offline viewing and sharing launched in Kenya



You certainly watch YouTube a lot if you are really interested in this article. WiFi coverage in Kenya is not as wide as in many developed countries, and data prices aren’t that affordable, unless you are thinking about the latest mobile network provider in Kenya.

Regardless, Android Go was recently announced for low-end smartphones. Android Go basically provides a good experience for smartphone users whose devices are limited in RAM and storage. And some of the apps advertised with Android Go include Files Go, Gmail Go, Google Go, Maps Go, Assistant Go, Google Play, Chrome, and YouTube Go. These apps make your device run more smoothly without requiring a lot of resources.

But YouTube Go is available in beta in many countries and aims not only to make your phone run smoothly, but also to save you data.

Save offline:

YouTube Go works like the regular YouTube app. Except that you log in with your phone number and a special code sent by SMS. But when you select a video to play, it will ask you if you want to save the video offline instead.

You can save the video in basic, standard or high quality. But the recording function is not available for all videos, unless the uploader allows it.

Share videos with friends:

The best thing for many is that after saving the video to your device, you can share it with friends via bluetooth.

Your friends must have the app installed to receive. But you will need at least 15KB of internet for this sharing process, because Google performs a security check every time you share videos with friends.

Also, not all the videos you download can be shared with friends. For example, I get a notification when trying to share “Marvel Avengers Infinity War Trailer” telling me that the particular video cannot be shared.

My other problem is that the app doesn’t take your usual YouTube history into account when recommending the videos that are recommended to you on the regular YouTube app. But it’s something that I’m sure will change soon.

To verify YouTube Go on Google Play Store.

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