Ways to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Festival of Lights

Diwali 2022: Ways to celebrate an eco-friendly Festival of Lights

October 17, 2022, 5:08 p.m.
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This Diwali, let’s commit to going the green way

This festival of lights, let’s go green and encourage the same.

Diwali is fast approaching and we are already at full throttle in the celebrations.

However, in the wake of rising pollution levels and global warming, it’s important to take a step forward to make the festivities healthy for everyone.

Here are five ways to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali.

Diwali is incomplete without making a beautiful rangoli at home.

However, most of the colors we use are harmful to the environment.

Instead, you can use colors made from sawdust, grains, rice powder, flowers, or spices from your kitchen.

Even chalk powder is a great eco-friendly option to consider.

You can then add them to your compost bin or bury them in the garden.

Reduce plastic consumption

Whether receiving a gift or giving one to someone else, plastic finds its way into every home in one way or another.

However, this year you can plan to reduce your plastic consumption by wrapping your gifts with newspapers or handmade leaves.

You can even ask your peers not to wrap your presents or follow the same idea.

For decorations, it is better to use LED lights, especially instead of bulbs because they are environmentally friendly.

Diyasin place of candles, is also a great addition to your eco-friendly Diwali as the latter is a petroleum-based product that releases toxins into the air when burned.

These toxins include formaldehyde, lead and benzene which are very harmful.

Use clay or metal diyas.

Electronic devices and other plastic items contribute to litter after a while.

This puts us in an endless loop of plastic consumption.

So this Diwali, how about breaking the monotony by offering something eco-friendly, handmade and natural?

Seeds, saplings, terracotta artifacts, floral cycle incense sticks, plantable stationery, eco-friendly cutlery, and even healthy snacks and snacks are sure ideas to opt for.

Diwali calls for hearty gatherings and food.

However, this time, be sure to replace your plastic cutlery with eco-friendly options like bamboo or leaf.

Moreover, these durable tableware items are inexpensive and most of them can even be reused on future occasions.

What else? Well, these items are 100% compostable, sustainable and biodegradable.

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