Where are the dog friendly beaches near Savannah?

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Looking for a place where you can hit the waves with Fido by your side? Unfortunately, you won’t find that in Savannah. However, there are places you can go if you are willing to make the trek. Here are some places you can take a day trip to if you want to take your dog with you to the beach.

Jekyll Island

Dogs are welcome on almost all beaches on Jekyll Island. Jekyll is located just over an hour and a half from Savannah and is a perfect day trip for you and your furry friends. According to an article on “Go Pet Friendly”, the only places where dogs are not allowed are South Beach, between the South Dunes picnic area and 2,000 feet northeast of the picnic area. picnic from St. Andrews Sound. The post also details recommended beaches for those with dogs wishing to visit Jekyll and the next location on the list, St. Simons Island.

Saint Simons Island

Located a similar distance from Savannah to Jekyll, dogs are allowed on the beaches of St. Simons Island at all times, except between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. from the Saturday before Memorial Day through Labor Day. This means you can take your dog to the beach whenever you want during the non-summer months and at certain times during the summer months. Certain rules regarding leashes must be observed, which can be found on the post linked here (plus, Jekyll Island rules).

Hilton Head Island

Dogs can come to play on Hilton Head Island, which is located about 50 minutes from Savannah. There are a few rules to follow, which can be found here. There are also similar rules to St. Simons Island in that dogs are not allowed on the beach from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Saint Helena Island

Located about an hour and 15 minutes from Savannah, St. Helena is a beautiful island with a lot to offer pets and their parents. At Hunting Island State Park, dogs are not permitted past the markers posted at the tip of the north beach, but are generally permitted in most other outdoor areas. They must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet. Other rules regarding pets at the park can be found via the link here.


Located just over two hours from Savannah, it’s definitely the furthest place you can travel on this list. Several of Charleston’s beaches allow dogs, although they each have their own rules regarding pets. You can check out the helpful post linked here from Traveler of Charleston to get an idea of ​​where and when you can take your pup for the adventure.

You can discover other beaches that are great for day trips with your dogs by clicking the link here, which will take you to the Bring Fido website.

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