Where to find vegan restaurants

Being vegan or vegetarian is getting a little easier every day as more and more meat alternatives hit the market.

Some iterations are so compelling it can be hard to believe it’s not really meat.

This begs the question: how vegan are Pensacola’s restaurants? Very.

Here is our list of vegan restaurants and vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

Coffee at the end of the line

610 E. Wright Street

If you’re vegan or just love vegan food, you’re probably already familiar with End of the Line. Restaurant From Scratch has been serving the Pensacola community for 20 years and is probably the best-known vegan restaurant in the area. For anyone new to vegan foods, this is a great place to start because you can find plenty of staple foods that will convince you that you’re eating real meat.

On the menu: Hummus and hot pita, BLT, Reuben, Cuban and more.

Almost Vegan Soul Cafe

532 Garden Street West.

Almost Vegan Soul Cafe is a restaurant that prides itself on being beginner-friendly. Its mission is to be a “bridge” between meat eaters and people transitioning to a plant-based diet by offering a mostly vegan menu with a few meaty options sprinkled throughout.

On the menu: Southern fried cauliflower, dirty rice, small green lima beans and more.


22 N. Palafox St.

Chef Alex McPhail has reopened the Iron restaurant in downtown Pensacola.  Iron, which is located next to the Rex Theater, recently received a Golden Spoon Award from Florida Trend magazine.

The Iron Restaurant is not a vegan restaurant, but does offer vegan plates and will accommodate some substitution requests. The theme of the restaurant is “Southern Flare with a Contemporary Flare”. All food is locally sourced and handmade.

On the menu: Plate of tofu and crispy marinated vegetables, local heirloom tomato salad and more.

Khon is on Palafox

34 S. Palafox Street

Khon’s is an authentic Southeast Asian sushi and cuisine bar that also offers craft beers and sake-based cocktails. Many Asian dishes tend to be vegan in nature, but Khon’s offers a full vegan menu to take the guesswork out.

On the menu: Hot pepper tofu, vegetable dumplings, Cambodian tofu and rice and more.

Single End Coffee

380 N. Ninth Ave.

Cafe Single Fin, located inside the Waterboyz Surf & Skate Shop, opened in 2014 after the crew decided to do more than sell hot pouches and popsicles to skaters. It’s a full-fledged restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as coffee and tea.

On the menu: Vegan costa wrap, black bean tacos, island tacos, bocas quesadilla and more.

Ever’man cooperative grocery store and café

315 W. Garden St. and 1000 E. Nine Mile Road

Is it cheating to list a grocery store? Not when his coffee is as good as this. Ever’man is a co-operative grocery store that focuses on locally sourced, natural and organic foods that has been around since 1973. The store is committed to its ideals and even offers educational opportunities to learn about health, nutrition, and health issues. and environment through courses and events.

On the menu: Both Ever’man locations have a weekly rotating menu in the cafe, but offer a main course, vegan and vegetarian menu to cover just about everyone. Check the website for the daily menu.

The leisure club

1151 Office Woods Drive, Suite A

The Leisure Club is a coffee and tea, breakfast, brunch and lunch that offers options for vegans, carnivores and even those with gluten intolerance.

On the menu: Vegan cookies and gravy, vegan waffle, vegan crab cake and more.

Mercantile Busy Bee

3002 N. Ninth Avenue.

The Busy Bee Mercantile is a small group of vendors and distributors who have come together to bring the “best” food products to the Pensacola community. The general store also has an all-foods cafe that has based its accessible and affordable menu around plants. Soups of the day can be had for just $3 and a hot lunch is available Tuesday through Saturday.

On the menu: Chic-N Asian nachos, Southern soul platter, hot Nashville sandwich and more.

taste of india

810 E. Gregory St.

Looking for something else? Taste of India is a great starting point. The New Taste of India offers a diverse menu of authentic North Indian cuisine, with an emphasis on high quality ingredients, wholesome curries and homemade grilled spices and blends.

On the menu: Bhindi masala (okra cooked with a mixture of Indian spices), dal fry (yellow lentils tempered with spices), aloo gobi (cauliflower and potatoes cooked with coriander and ginger), baigan bhartha (mashed roasted eggplant simmered with onions and tomatoes) and more .

At Bonelli’s

1217 N. Ninth Ave.

Bonelli’s is Pensacola’s little secret when it comes to Italian cuisine. The family restaurant favors pasta and will even welcome people intolerant to gluten by cooking gluten-free pasta. The restaurant does not specialize in vegan dishes, but offers many options.

On the menu: Roman’s dirty oil and garlic, Dom’s fresh pesto, Vito’s il diavolo sauce (can be vegan) and more.

Living space

2213 W. Cervantes St.

Elbow Room is another hidden gem in Pensacola. Board games, pinball machines, Star Trek memorabilia, and even a jukebox adorn the space as you enter the bar. If you’ve never been there, do yourself a favor and give it a try. The atmosphere alone justifies the trip!

On the menu: Thai tofu flatbread, Boca vegan burgers, vegan hot dogs and more.


Scenic Highway 555

Agapi Bistro + Garden at 555 Scenic Highway in Pensacola on Thursday, February 25, 2021.

Agapi Bistro + Garden is a combination of Mediterranean and Gulf Coast flavors served in an artisan style. Run by award-winning Golden Spoon chefs Gus Silivos and Justin Robinson, you can expect quality cuisine here. The menu offers a variety of regular foods, vegetarian, vegan, and even gluten-free options.

On the menu: Watermelon poke, wild mushroom and spinach strudel, vegan charcuterie and more.

Taste of Jerusalem

2805 W. Cervantes St.

Taste of Jerusalem is called the cuisine of a thousand flavors. It serves Israeli, Palestinian and Mediterranean dishes like kababs and shawarma. The restaurant is also a full-service hookah bar. Each bowl is individually crafted using authentic Egyptian hookahs.

On the menu: Baba ghanoush (roasted eggplant mixed with tahini, fresh garlic, parsley and lemon juice), Jerusalem salad, falafel, stuffed grape leaves and more.

The magnolia

2050 N. 12th Ave.

Le Magnolia is a cozy meeting place that offers wine, craft beers, light plates and dishes to share. It recently moved to East Hill from its former location on Scenic Highway, and has Revolver Records and Jitterbug Beverage Co. operating in the same space for coffee, tea and tunes.

On the menu: Vegan cheeseburger, tit salad.

Panoramic Cafe 90

Scenic Highway 701

Scenic 90 Cafe is an old-school restaurant that sports the appropriate retro environment. It’s a fairly simple affair with plenty of food options and vegetarian and vegan options available as well.

On the menu: Vegetarian poboy, vegan meatloaf.

At Sammy Barker’s

875 East Nine Mile Road

Sammy Barker’s is a bar and restaurant specializing in American street food. The restaurant has won and been nominated for many local awards for its burgers, fries and hot dogs. For those who don’t eat meat, don’t worry, there are veggie burger and veggie dog options available for all of its burgers.

On the menu: Homemade Veggie Burger, Impossible Patties and Field Roast Vegan Dogs.

I Heart Bento

875 E. Nine Mile Road #10

I Heart Bento is right next door to Sammy Barker’s and specializes in rice and bowls. It uses fresh ingredients in all of its dishes and also offers Boba tea. The menu is full of poke bowls, ritos, sushi and bento boxes. For vegans and vegetarians, there are tofu options for everything – and even vegan sushi rolls.

On the menu: Golden tofu nuggets, teriyaki tofu, vegan bowl and more.

The Dough

mobile food truck

Going from breakfast to lunch to dinner, The Dough is a mobile bakery that delights the community with handmade donuts and other fun and delicious baking creations. All products are made from scratch, contain fresh fruit, toppings and frostings, and they are all vegan.

On the menu: donuts, donut holes, cookie dough cups, doggy donuts and more.

crazy snacks

3494 E. Olive Road (Mobile Food Truck)

Mad Munchies is a local all-vegan food truck serving the Pensacola area. The food truck is very active at many local events and can be found on its frequently updated social media accounts. The menu tends to change, so be sure to check back and see what they have.

On the menu: BBQ nachos, gyro pita, chorizo ​​tacos and nachos and more.

fluffy mushroom

5175 Bayou Boul.

Mellow Mushroom is an American pizza chain and franchise based in Atlanta. The pizza can be quite vegan in nature, but Mellow Mushroom has a separate vegan menu as a bonus.

On the menu: Vegan tempeh hoagie, vegan pretzels, vegan vegetables and more.

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