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Millions of people come to Yelp to find great local businesses that match their preferences and values ​​- whether it’s eating at restaurants that are open to everyone, frequenting cocktail bars with gender-neutral bathrooms, support women-owned retailers, etc. Along the same lines, today more than ever, consumers are looking for companies that prioritize sustainability in order to reduce their environmental footprint. Adopting more eco-friendly business practices and consumption habits has never been more important, which is why we work with Plastic Pollution Coalition, Surfrider Foundation, Upstream, ReThink Disposable (Clean Water Fund), Reusable LA and others to double our commitment to sustainability this Earth Day.

Today, to help consumers easily find and support businesses that align with their values, we’re proud to announce new eco-friendly business attributes, Top 100 Vegan Restaurants in the U.S., and events. local communities in the United States and Canada that give back to the planet, among other initiatives. Additionally, to help provide business owners with the information and tools they need to implement environmentally responsible practices, we’re excited to introduce a new Sustainability Resource Center for Business.

Helping people find and support eco-friendly businesses

Yelp users are increasingly looking for more eco-friendly options on our platform. In fact, searches for “plant-based” increased an average of 56% each year from 2018 to 2021, and searches for “electric vehicle charging” increased an average of 41% each year. To make it easier for consumers to find more sustainable businesses and recognize companies that are committed to going green, we’ve partnered with Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global alliance working to reduce plastic pollution, to bring new attributes searchable on the Yelp platform, including “EV charging station available”, “Plastic-free packaging”, “Provides reusable tableware”, “Bring your own container allowed” and “Compostable containers available”. In addition to these new eco-friendly attributes, existing relevant attributes, such as “Bike Parking” and “Vegan”, will also be searchable and highlighted in Yelp’s search results and business pages.

“Yelp’s new sustainability attributes will make it easier for people to find plastic-free restaurants, bars and cafes and support our values ​​of thriving communities and a healthy, livable planet,” said Dianna Cohen, co- founder and CEO of Plastic Pollution. Coalition. “We are grateful to Yelp for using their platform in this way and are excited that the new attributes are helping more sustainable businesses stand out for their green practices. »

Yelp users can find green attributes on business pages listed in the “Services & More” section on or the “Info” section in our iOS or Android app, as well as highlighted on business listings. companies in the applicable search results.
Business owners can add these attributes to their Yelp page for free by logging into their Yelp for Business account and editing their “Business Information” section. We also survey consumers to inform these attributes via “Update Community” questions on Yelp’s business pages.

Support and celebrate sustainable local businesses

Practices such as reducing plastic waste and eliminating single-use utensils can sometimes require a small upfront investment, but these concerted efforts can save companies money in the long run by avoiding purchases and reducing waste costs. Additionally, these efforts are having a major impact on communities and the environment, responding to consumer demand, and encouraging other companies to think about their own sustainable practices.

On the other hand, figuring out how to transition to a more environmentally friendly operation can be overwhelming, and companies don’t always know where to start. To help, Yelp has created a new sustainability resource center for business owners that provides access to information and tools from environmental nonprofits, such as Plastic Pollution Coalition, Upstream, Reusable LA, Surfrider Foundation, ReThink Disposable, and Food Rescue Hero, plus the stories of small businesses that have committed to going green. This collection of resources provides tools to help businesses effectively communicate to consumers how they are giving back to the environment, learn how to adopt more sustainable business practices, and learn from the efforts of other local businesses like theirs. Additionally, Yelp for Restaurants will highlight industry-focused content for restaurant owners interested in sustainability, and will host a virtual town hall on Thursday, April 21 featuring the Sustainable Development Goal 2 Advocacy Hub.

Drawing on data from Yelp, we also released our first list of the 100 Best Vegan Places to Eat, with The Mediterranean Chickpea in Tampa, Florida taking the top spot. According to the World Economic Forum, adopting a plant-based diet and consuming less meat and dairy products helps reduce deforestation, land degradation and greenhouse gas emissions associated with animal products, helping to slow climate change and secure our global food supply.

Celebrating Earth Day in local communities across the United States and Canada

This month, Yelp’s Community team is partnering with a variety of businesses, from local parks to top vegan restaurants, to coordinate over 35 events across North America. To help elevate sustainability-focused businesses, people can expect activities like public park cleanups, vegan-focused dining experiences, sustainable self-care workshops and more local initiatives. focused on respecting the environment.

We also celebrate the most eco-friendly states, according to Yelp reviewers. Using Yelp’s review text, we analyzed mentions of sustainability-related topics over the past five years to identify a trend of more environmentally conscious reviewers in every state – Oregon, California, Vermont, Nevada and Washington top the list as the most environmentally friendly.

Empowering Yelp Employees to Go Green

In addition to supporting more eco-friendly initiatives in our product community and Yelp, we also encourage Yelp employees to prioritize green practices. From April 13 through May, the Yelp Foundation will double employee donations to Plastic Pollution Coalition, The Nature Conservancy, WWF, Climate Emergency Fund, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, and Plant for the Planet. We hope to make a real impact by supporting a diverse set of organizations that conserve resources, protect our planet’s biodiversity, respond to climate impacts, and secure environmental justice for those most affected.

Throughout April, Yelp will also be hosting numerous events for our employees (some of which are publicly available) to learn more about the importance of choosing eco-friendly options in their daily lives – including topics such as sustainable investing, adopting a zero waste mentality, and more. Looking ahead, Yelp has also committed to conducting a climate assessment in 2022 to better understand and quantify the company’s environmental impact.

Our new eco-friendly business attributes, business resources, community events and more are the latest steps for Yelp as we strive to continue doing our part to encourage and support business owners, consumers and employees to take action in the fight against climate change.

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