Yelp Ranks the Most Eco-Friendly States, According to Reviews | Yelp

Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of their choices on the environment, and over the years they have sought out more sustainable offerings, whether in restaurants, in stores or in the car. Yelp is committed to doing its part to help consumers easily connect with local businesses that prioritize sustainable practices, which is why today we launched new searchable Eco-Friendly Business Attributes to help consumers to find businesses that match their values, among other sustainability initiatives.

Along with this news, we are also announcing today a ranking of the most environmentally friendly states and Washington DC, derived from analyzing the frequency of review mentions related to sustainability over the past five years. Yelp’s data science team identified the states that saw the highest relative growth in sustainability-related text in reviews – such as “electric vehicle charging”, “solar powered”, ” locally sourced,” “vegan,” “plastic-free” and “compostable,” among others – over the past several years (January 2018 – March 2022).

The top 10 states on the list reveal that some of the most environmentally conscious consumers and businesses on Yelp hail from the West Coast with Oregon (#1) leading by the highest ranking for mentions of sustainability in professional, home, and local services, as well as restaurants and food categories, and California (#2) with the highest ranking for EV charging mentions in the top two spots. Washington (#5), Nevada (#4) and Arizona (#8) also claimed a spot in the top 10. Vermont, the most sustainable state on the East Coast, landed at 3rd place thanks to mentions of charging electric vehicles. , restaurant and sustainable food. The full ranking is available below.

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