You can find dog friendly places in Vancouver with this app and bring your best furry friend everywhere

Dog-friendly places in Vancouver are displayed on this one app, making lunch with your pup so much easier!

The app, called PawSwap, lets you see all the places you can take your beloved dog, so you don’t have to leave them behind.

It discounts everything from restaurants and breweries to shops and parks that are found around town. You can even find a bunch of events that allow dogs to come! To top it off, the app is totally free.

Prepare to be surprised at the number of local businesses that accept dogs in Vancouver.

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You don’t have to make that annoying call to a restaurant anymore – this app brings together all the dog-friendly information for you.

Taking your dog everywhere with you automatically makes your Instagram photos so much cuter.

Each dog-friendly location will have its own reviews and ratings from other local dog owners.

Leg swap

Details will also include whether or not water bowls are provided, where the dog can be with you on site and whether your pup needs to be leashed.

The app is growing all the time in different parts of BC

If you’re planning a trip — to somewhere like Whistler or Tofino — plenty of recommended dog-friendly businesses pop up in nearby towns. You can even find places that offer dog treats along the way.

You can also participate in collecting points at each place you visit with your four-legged friend. With enough points collected, you can redeem them for various prizes from local Vancouver businesses.

Now you can plan the perfect weekend with your dog!

In British Columbia, a vaccination passport is required to access certain events, services and businesses, including restaurants and bars.

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